VIDEO: Daredevils scale Christ The Redeemer statue in Brazil

VIDEO: Daredevils scale Christ The Redeemer statue in Brazil

A couple of daredevils have climbed to the very top of Brazil’s Christ The Redeemer statue – & here’s how they did it.

Ukranian Vitaliy Raskalov, 21, & Russian Vadim Makhorov, 25, are fearless photographers who go to tremendous lengths to capture astonishing images.

After scoping out the 38-metre tall structure, which stands on the Corcovado mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro, by day, the duo returned under cover of darkness to climb to the top.

Christ The Redeemer: One of the new Seven Wonders of the World

Night light: The statue was easier to access once the crowds had gone home

A bit of kit: The lads found a handy ladder to assist them on their way

View from the top: The stunning scene from the top of the Redeemer

City lights: Rio de Janiero, best seen from on high

The dizzy heights: The daredevil photographers captured some stunning shots (Facebook/Vitaliy Raskalov)

Using ropes & ladders, they worked their way to the Redeemer’s shoulder, where they captured some astonishing images.

They describe the monument on their website as “the main target” of their trip to South America. 

“There are few spots in South America which can be climbed & where we could film something rad from the height. This is a cult spot in Brazil, included into the list of the new miracles of the world. 

“You can see how difficult it was in our new video! We recorded our adventure at night, as it was impossible to climb the statue in the daytime, in the presence of thousands of tourists.”

Makhorov & Raskalov are no strangers to these kinds of daredevil antics – they’ve scaled many other astonishing – & incredibly tall – buildings through their ’ontheroofs’ project.

They say on their website: “For us, photography & urban exploration have been inseparable since the very beginning of our career.

“The list of the tops which we are climbed features the Pyramid of Cheops, Cologne Cathedral, the Shanghai Tower, the top star of one of the Stalin’s high-rises – the Seven Sisters buildings, & others.”

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