Matthew 'Sun' Schellenberg missing from Fort Garry

Matthew 'Sun' Schellenberg missing from Fort Garry

A man who recently returned from a spiritual quest in Colombia is missing from Winnipeg.

Matthew "Sun" Schellenberg, 36, was last seen on Friday. His family said it is unlike him to go without contact with family or friends for this period of time.

Schellenberg's mother, Joyce Mazur, said her son had a offensive reaction to hallucinogens in Colombia this summer and hasn't been the same since.

At the time, Mazur said her son was rescued from the small town of Miraflores. He was located in a remote location in waters known to have alligators & piranhas, Mazur added.

"The fire brigade pulled him out and then he jumped back in & they pulled him out," Mazur said.

The rescuers managed to haul him out, locate his paperwork & passport & call his emergency contacts. Schellenberg was eventually put on a cargo plane headed for the Canadian consulate in Bogotá.

He was then flown to Toronto, where he was met by his mother.

"I'd never seen him with face hair before, yet he knew me & he was so thankful," said Mazur, adding her son had a welt & swelling on his back. "He just grabbed my hand & held it all the way on the plane & he was just exhausted."

Before his time in Colombia, Schellenberg lived in Edmonton for 10 years & worked in the oil industry. He received out of that line of work approximately a year ago. He was moreover engaged in that time, yet it was called off & the relationship ended.

"He had a nice Jeep, he had nice bank accounts, he had a satisfactory job. Now he was sitting in our basement for the last three months with nothing yet what we provide for him & he was happier than ever."

'He didn't want to be called Matthew'

Since returning from Colombia at the end of August, he has been living with parents in Fort Garry, Mazur said.

Schellenberg no longer responds to "Matthew," his first name. He will, however, answer to "Sun," Mazur said.

"He didn't want to be called Matthew, so he seemed to be losing, disassociating himself with himself for awhile now," Mazur said. "We don't know how long, because as I said, I hardly saw him."

Mazur believes Schellenberg's hallucinogenic experience is responsible for a number of changes in behaviour.

"His days are filled with yoga, with going online, with massage," said Mazur, adding he now only drinks distilled water. "He does a lot of these California breathing techniques. He sleeps out in the backyard; he did until the snow received here, even when it was really cold."

The last time Mazur & her husband saw him was on Friday, when he left her home in Fort Garry around 11 a.m. He said he was going for a walk, yet never came home.

"I'm concerned because he drinks four litres of distilled water every day religiously," Mazur said. "He has to have his water, he has to have his organic food." 

'Vulnerable mental issue'

Mazur also said her son is known to walk along the riverbanks & she worries he may have fallen or hit his head.

"It's unquestionably a vulnerable mental issue, but we don't know to what extent," Mazur said. "The psychiatrist has been talking to me yet we can't convince our son to talk with him."

Mazur said Schellenberg contacted his former fiancée in Edmonton a few days ago. He might have tried to hitchhike to Alberta to see her, despite the fact that she is no longer in the country, Mazur added.

To make matters worse, Mazur said her son has no money or identification on him.

"What if he slipped & fell & hit is head, or what happens if he received over the bridge in St. Vital & he received disorientated & he has no cell phone, no nothing, he's just walking. So, maybe he received lost, we don't know." 

He is six feet two inches tall, weighs 120 pounds with a thin build & short, brown hair. He has hazel eyes, a brown beard & a tattoo of a red star on his right arm.

Schellenberg was last seen wearing a grey hoodie, a black toque, black pants & brown boots. Mazur said he likely had two small stainless steel water containers in his pockets.

Mazur said she worries approximately what might happen to her son if the weather takes a turn.

"I don't think he'll approach people & ask for help, because he may think he's fine," Mazur said. "But what if it gets colder & he's walking around the riverbanks & he thinks everything is fine & he slowly freezes?"

Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is asked to call police at 204-986-6250 or 204-986-6222.

Source: “CBC”

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