Iceman mummy reveals new clues about stomach bacteria

Iceman mummy reveals new clues approximately stomach bacteria

BOLZANO, Italy – A 5,300 year-old mummified corpse known as the Iceman, or Oetzi, is offering scientists new clues approximately a stomach infection.

Scientists at the EURAC Institute of Mummies & the Iceman in northern Italy removed the bacteria Helicobacter pylori from the mummy & conducted a DNA analysis. It showed the Iceman had an unmixed strain of the bacteria not seen in modern humans.

"He carried a more pure strain, an unmixed strain yet & we can say that the history of Helicobacter population genetics in Europe is different from previously thought," said Albert Zink, the head of EURAC.

p> Scientists hope to conduct further studies to obtain more information approximately  the evolution & onset of the bacteria.   Science

Source: “Reuters”

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