Fried Chicken Fan Grows 'Man Boobs' Due To Fast Food Habit

Fried Chicken Fan Grows 'Man Boobs' Due To Fast Food Habit

Eating fried chicken can cause men to grow breasts – possibly!

A university graduate, who had a love of the swift food, was told by doctors to cut the tasty treat out of his diet, after he reported that his breasts were getting larger.

Medics reckoned that the problem was caused by the chicken he had been eating, which was full of growth hormones.

Red-faced Li Chen, 26, noticed that his chest was getting bigger & bigger over the years.

He was too shy to do anything approximately it – until his ‘man-boobs’ received so large that he could not go out without people noticing.

Trips to the swimming pool or the gym became impossible, as strangers would mock him or talk behind his back.

Eventually, he plucked up the courage to speak to doctors in Wenzhou city, in East China’s Zhejiang Province.

They finally diagnosed the issue, which was said to be a hormonal imbalance – due to his passion for takeaway chicken meals.

They said that the “breast growth” was most likely brought on by too much of his favourite swift food, which contains hormones given to the chickens to speed up their growth.

They advised him to alter his diet immediately, eat less fried chicken & opt for more fruit & vegetables instead.

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Source: “Yahoo News”

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