Vital Farms Recognized on Real Leaders®️ ‘Top Impact Companies List’ of 2021

AUSTIN, Texas, 13 Jan. 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, in its list of 2021 "Top Impact Company" real leaders have been honoured by Vital Farms (Nasdáq: VITL), a certified B company which provides a variety of ethnically manufactured pasture-raised foods nationwide.

Vital Farms was ranked 10 on the Top Influence Business list of Actual Executives.

"The social and economic interests of our stakeholders, which include farmers and suppliers, consumers, communities and the environment, employees and stockholders have always been prioritized by our business decisions," said Russell Diez-Canseco, President and CEO of Vital Farms.

"I agree that this way of thought, where we lead from a responsible entrepreneurship viewpoint, encourages us to have a positive effect on any stakeholder, as well as the food system and the corporate environment as a whole.

We thank Real Leaders for their appreciation and are proud to be listed among so many respected brands."

"These high impact companies demonstrate that companies can thrive by being a good force," said Mark Van Ness, Real Leaders' Ceo.

"The real leaders of the New Economy are companies like Vital Farms, and we applaud them for their efforts towards creating a better world for all of us."

Other contest winners included: Tesla, Beyond Beef, Patagonia and 147 other well-established brands of all sizes from a wide range of industries.

You can access the entire list of High Influence Companies here.

Vital farming

Vital Farms, a Registered B Company, provides an ethical variety of pasture-raised foods in the world.

Started on a single farm in Austin, Texas in 2007 Vital Farms is now a nationwide consumer company with more than 200 small family farms and is America's largest retail-dollar egg and butter brand.

The ethics of Critical Farms are highlighted by an emphasis on fair care of livestock and organic farming.

In addition to the long-term advantages of each of its stakeholders, including producers and producer, buyers & consumers, neighborhoods and the community and crew members and stockholders, VitalFarms is a Delaware Public Profit Company.

In nearly 16,000 shops around the world, Essential Farmers' pasture-reaved goods, including egg shell, butter, hard-boiled eggs, ghee, egg pickles and liquid whole eggs, are sold.

On Actual Leaders

Real Leaders is the world's first business and environmental management journal, representing a visionary group coming together to regenerate our world.

Its mission is to encourage better world leaders.

Real Leaders is an accredited B-Corp and a UN Global Compact signatory (an advocate for achieving the global goals for sustainable development).

True leaders put leaders to flourish and encourage the future of the modern economy.

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