Velano Vascular Named Top Impact Company for 2021 by Real Leaders

Velano has developed a groundbreaking quality of treatment for hospital patients and is considered the fastest growing medical equipment company in the USA and one of the most innovative companies in the world.

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The pioneer of Velano Vascular vascular access technology has been named by Real Leaders, the world's first enterprise and sustainability journal, to be the 2021 Top Impact Firm.

Together with such prominent brands as Tesla, Beyond Meat and Patagonia, Velano was recognised on the 2021 list for its work that makes hospital stays more humane and less dangerous for both patients and physicians.

Velano has developed a groundbreaking new medical standard known as one-stick hospitalization through its family of novel vascular access solutions, including the PIVOTM needle-free blood drawing system.

This new blood collection technique helps to minimize discomfort and anxiety in hospital patients, encourage protection for physicians and increase hospital quality.

After 2019, more than one million unwanted needle sticks have been stopped by hospitals using Velano PIVOTM's needle-free technologies.

This award is based on a recent collection of awards from Deloitte's Fast 500TM technology, named one of 2019's most innovative companies in the world, Fast Business as the fastest growing company in the U.S., Best Overall Medical Product Solution in 2018 by the MedTech Innovation Awards, and Fierce15 MedTech company from FierceMedTech.

With over one billion hospitalized blood draws across the globe per year, and record almost 70% of all medical decisions, there is a rising need for One-Stick Hospitalization.

The rise in the incidence of difficult venous access patients (DVA), due to age, obesity and chronic condition is further complicated by normal needle-based blood draws.

"Joining this list of leading enterprises that do well is an honor and a confirmation of our approach to better care in business," said Velano Vascular Managing Director Eric M. Stone.

"Our business is flourishing in humanization of medicine; the task is the job.

In the end, we will continue to develop until and patient on the planet has a good effect by eliminating the needle from his hospital stay."

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Velano Vascular About

Velano Vascular is an innovator in medical device designed to minimize discomfort, risk and inefficiencies in conventional blood collection procedures, while expanding the vascular clinical domain.

The groundbreaking PIVO unit, approved by the FDA, improves the use of peripheral IV lines for high-quality, regular blood drawings with the goal of offering painless, sympathetic treatment for hospital workers, more healthy caregiver practice and a more financially sound health systems option.

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