Poland reports record high 548 COVID-19 deaths

WARSAW (Reuters) — The Ministry of Health said on Saturday that Poland had a record high 548 deaths infected with coronavirus, bringing over a total of 10,000.

On November 7, Poland recorded 25,571 new incidents, less than the 27,875 record.

On Saturday, COVID-19 patients used a total of 22.320 hospital beds and used 2,126 fans out of the usable 35,182 or 2,805.

Two days after Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said no national quarantine was required, the latest record is arriving.

The number of cases began to decline for the first time in two months this week on Thursday, Morawiecki said.

The Prime Minister said on Facebook, "We don't need to impose a nationwide quarantine.

An order to curb the outbreak of the pandemic, Poland imposed some prohibitions.

It has introduced remote education for all schools, closed restaurants and most shops in shopping centres.

If the number of cases continued to rise, the government considered a nationwide quarantine.

A total of 691,118 cases of coronavirus and 10,045 deaths have been recorded in the 38 million population.

The need for medical beds, supplies and medications is rapidly stressing his healthcare system.

(Anne Wlodarczak-Semczuk and Agnieszka Barteczko; Jason Neely editors)