Israeli military strikes Hamas targets in Gaza after rockets

The Israeli military said early Sunday after activists shot two rocks from Palestinian land, it targeted Hamas targets along the Gaza Strip.

In a release, the militants said that the Hamas subway system and military stations were struck by fighter jets, aircraft, and tanks.

The study claimed that two missiles were shot into Israel. The first targeted the southern Israeli city of Ashdod and the second reached Central Israel.

On either side, no immediate accident records were recorded.

The army claimed the missiles landed freely.

Hamas authorities made no immediate response.

Three wars and many minor skirmishes have been waged between Israel and Hamas since 2007.

In recent years, Egypt and Qatar had broking an informal cease fire, in which Hamas has re-established rocket-based attacks in return for financial support and loosening the Israeli-Egyptian blockade.

After the Hamas took land power in 2007, Israel and Egypt have maintained a paralyzing blockade of Gaza.

There are several Palestinian insurgent organizations operating in Gaza, but Israel accuses Hamas for all the attacks and usually reacts to rocket fires on militant sites by means of aerial strikes.