Thousands attend weekly protest against Israel's Netanyahu

JERUSALEM — On Saturday night, a weekly rally calling on the Israeli chief to withdraw took place outside of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's official residence in Jerusalem.

The protestors demonstrated that Netanyahu was unwilling to prove himself when being investigated for wrongdoing and because of his management of the coronaviral crisis for around five months.

The Israeli economy has been struck hard by the pandemic, with many demonstrators becoming students and young Israelis lost their jobs.

Many participants carried Israeli flags or black or pink flags that were symbolized by grassroots groups behind the protests.

In the snowy winter months, Saturday's attendance seemed smaller than in previous weeks with the temperature cooling off.

In the suburbs of the holiday home in the upscale coastal town of Caesarea and places around Canada smaller protests have also been recorded in Tel Aviv.

As "anarchists" and "leftists," Netanyahu disclaims demonstrators.

Israel acted rapidly last spring to avoid the coronavirus, settle boundaries and enforce a lock down that seemed to contain the virus.

However, economic reopening was weak and the virus returned easily and caused a second lockdown to take effect in September.

Now the world is reopening economic industries progressively as it pursues an exit strategy cautiously.

Netanyahu reported that if regulatory approval has been granted, it has concluded a deal to purchase 8 million doses of the latest vaccine that Pfizer will produce next year.

Netanyahu was convicted of bribery, confidence breaches and adoption of bribes.

In January, his trial will begin its proof process.