The Latest: New Zealand reports 1st community case in months

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — After more than two months New Zealand confirmed the first case of coronavirus outside a quarantine facility even though there was no immediate indication that the virus was circulating in the population.

Ashley Bloomfield, the Health Director General, said on Sunday that the event was a 56-year-old woman from Europe who has recently returned.

Like most travelers returning, she spent 14 days in quarantine and twice tested negative before returning home on January 13.

She eventually experienced and tested positive signs.

He said that health officials are going to perform genomic tests, but are expected to be a more transmissible virus variant.

He said that they were checking whether she was caught by another returning passenger in the same quarantine facility.

New Zealand, at least for now, has prevented population dissemination of the virus.

Bloomfield said authorities are growing efforts in touch monitoring and research and expect to obtain more information on the matter in the next few days.

The Virus Outbreak: THE VIRuss Outbreak:

— Year after the lockdown, more alone than ever, Wuhan dissident

— UK Physicians pursue a 12-week gap in doses of vaccine

— Tunisia expands curfew, bans demonstrations as cases of viruses leap

— The entire Michigan University athletics department is pausing for the latest COVID-19 version which transmits at a higher rate after several positive tests.

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BEIJING – A Chinese city has completed 2600 temporary treatment rooms as the North is battling new coronavirus clusters.

The single-occupant rooms are furnished with their own heaters, toilets, showers and other facilities in Nangong District, Hebei Province, just outside of Beijing, Xinhua News Agency officially reports.

Hebei was given particular notice due to its proximity to the capital and the province closed up large areas to prevent further transmission of the virus.

The provincial capital Shijiazhung and the town of Xingtai, including Nangong, were effectively sealed off.

Isolation from the population and large-scale testing were also applied.

On Sunday, the National Health Commission registered 19 more cases in Hebei.

An additional 29 cases recorded in the far northeastern province of Heilongjiang related to an outbreak in a meat processing facility.

Two new confirmed cases have been identified in Beijing where nearly 2 million people were ordered to take new examinations.

China currently provides 1,800 COVID-19 therapies, 94 in a critical case and a further 1,017 in isolation are tracked for positive tested for the virus without any symptoms.

SEATTLE — Washington and Oregon now report the more contagious COVID-19 variant in the Pacific Northwest.

The Washington Health Department announced Saturday that the form B.1.1.7, first identified in the UK last September, was confirmed in two cases in the county of Snohomish by DNA sequence.

These are Washington's first confirmed cases.

A second outbreak of someone from Yamhill County was confirmed by the Oregon Health Authority a week after the first case was identified in the county of Multnomah.

According to the United States

There is no definitive proof at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that it is more serious than the other virus strains.

NEW YORK – New York sends more vaccination planning kits to senior residential complexes and churches to ensure fair delivery of vaccinations, Governor Andrew Cuomo said Saturday.

The kits contain syringes, vials, room separators, privacy curtain, cleaning devices, personal protective equipment and other products.

They also provide guidelines for setting up a vaccine site.

New York deployed its first package last week in five senior citizens' homes in New York City and in eight religious and cultural centres, vaccinating about 4,200 vaccine-eligible residents, Cuomo said.

Kits have now been sent to four other senior complexes in New York City and eight other churches around the country with plans to vaccinate 3,000 more people at the same locations by Tuesday.

The kits will be received at Brooklyn, Bronx, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and Buffalo.

The kits are part of an initiative to make vaccines in Black, Latino and other populations where COVID-19 has had an unreasonable impact, said the governor.

Even Saturday, the Governor's Office confirmed 144 additional coronaviral deaths statewide.

More than eight,800 patients were admitted to hospital, down from 44 on Friday.

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal court of appeal rejected a motion from a church in Southern California to circumvent the coronavirus limits on indoor coronavirus programs.

The Sacramento Bee claims the 9th U.S. decision on Friday

Circuit Court leaves the door open to the Governor of Gavin Newsom's Church attendance limits where there is a less conservative COVID-19 standard in a county in California.

An anti-South Bay United Pentecostal Church of Chula Vista three-judge panel ruled over public health orders that prohibit the hosting of worship services as the number of virus cases and hospitalisations remains high.

Indoor worship services are officially restricted in all violet-level counties — those known to be at widespread risk of transmission of coronavirus.

This is the overwhelming majority of the administration.

Just four counties are less restrictive.


— New Mexico reported a further 859 COVID-19 cases and 38 deaths on Saturday.

This takes the overall pandemic of the state to 168,579 and 3,115 deaths.

The most common incidents were 184 in Bernalillo County, 83 in San Juan County, 74 in Dona Ana County, and 53 in McKinley County.

Although older New Mexicans were more likely to die, they had many people in their 20s and 30s as well.

The number of infections is believed to be much higher than reported, as many people have not been screened and studies show that people will get the virus unhealthy.

RIO DE JANEIRO — The Governor of the Amazon State of Brazil has declared new tough lock-outs in COVID 19 cases that have overloaded local hospitals.

Gov. Wilson Lima said Saturday that 4 million people in the State would only go out for important things such as the procurement of food or medical services as early as Monday.

Hospitals in Manaus state capital were stressed by the current coronavirus type that is more infectious and the state has seen a lack of supplies of oxygen.

The State Secretary of Health estimates that 584 people are waiting for hospital beds, of which 101 need intensive therapy.

Lima said in a social media statement that "People need to realize that we have to take tough steps to save as many lives as possible.

HELSINKI – The capital of Norway, Oslo, and nine municipalities has narrowly restricted the dissemination of the latest coronavirus type first identified in Britain, according to Norway.

The Norwegian government has said Saturday that shopping malls and other non-essential shops in these areas are closing at midday, and will stay shut until January 31, at least.

Furthermore, organized sporting events were stopped, schools were told ever more to focus on remote education and households were asked not to welcome guests to the premises.

Scandinavian health officials estimate that the 5.4 million Scandinavian country so far reported some 55 cases of a wide-ranging virus variant in Britain.

Sweden, which has considerably worse pandemic conditions than Norway, said late Saturday that it intended to impose an interim entry ban from Norway because of a recent mutant COVID-19 form.

LAS VEGAS — The Federal Prosecutors charged the Nevada man, fraudulently, with the purchase of luxury cars and condo in Las Vegas of about $2 million in funding for federal coronavirus relief, which was intended for small businesses.

The Las Vegas Review Journal confirmed that, following a suspected request to finance at least seven banks between April and June 2020, the U.S. Attorney General's Office in Nevada has accused Jorge Abramovs of bank fraud.

The lawsuit suggested that a financial report showed that Abramovs invested the money on personal luxury goods, including the Bentley Continental GT convertible for over $260.000 in 2020 and the Tesla Model 3 model in the amount of about $55.000 in 2020.

On Friday at a detention hearing, Abramovs was ordered in custody.

A lawyer named to represent Abramovs did not respond directly to an emailed request for comment from The Associated Press.

CHICAGO — Restaurants and several bars across Chicago and Cook County suburb have opened their doors to customers since the end of October for the first time since Illinois health officials received clearance Saturday.

With the city and county going up to Tier I of the state's coronavirus reduction strategy, food service restaurants and bars will sit down at 25 percent or 25 individuals per room, whichever is less.

Tables shall be limited to no more than four persons indoors and six persons outdoors and tables shall be 6 feet apart.

The indoor service shall not exceed two hours and bars and restaurants shall be closed before 11 p.m.

WASHINGTON — At his inaugural speech, President Joe Biden vowed to be fair with the American people, and the message from his first three days in office was no