Saudi TV says missile or drone intercepted over Riyadh

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — On Saturday in the Kingdom's long war on neighboring Yemeni Houthis, Saudi Arabia said it intercepted an apparent missile or drone-attack at its capital, Riyadh.

Social media users shared footage of what claimed to be a Riyadh air blast.

Saudi State TV cited officials remembering the interception in the Kingdom.

The Houthis declined to recognize the launch of a rocket or drone to Riyadh immediately.

The U.S. Embassy in Riyadh warned Americans to 'keep alert in the event of more attacks.'

Since September 2014, the Houthis have occupied Yemen's capital, Sanaa.

In March 2015, Saudi Arabia and its allies waged a war against them in behalf of the internationally-recognized government of Yemen.

For years, the war has been stalemated.

In that time, Riyadh was targeted for occasional missile attacks, while the Houthis also fired rockets and drone strikes.

Western analysts, Saudi Arabia and the United States claim that Iran equipped the Houthis with weaponry, including ballistic rockets.

Iran denies that, although weapons systems are linked back to Tehran.