Putin Won’t Recognize President-Elect Biden Because He Knows He’s in Trouble Now

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MOSCOW—Vladimir Putin declines to accept Joe Biden as America's elected president.

On Monday, the Kremlin declared that they will stand by their husbands as the legal processes are underway," even if there is no hope that the US court will treat either of Trump's grievances seriously.

The reticence of Putin is no surprise: formerly Biden called Russia "the greatest threat to America" and the Kremlin is ancient terms and definitions.

During the polls, Russian State TV showed plainly that Trump was the chosen nominee for the Kremlin, and that politicians in Moscow told The Daily Beast, "Nothing good to expect of Biden is there."

In the Kremlin, the way Biden thinks about Putin is no surprise.

In 2011, at the U.S. Ambassador's home in Moscow, Spaso Building, the then Vice President had a conference with representatives of the Russian opposition.

In his blog, Boris Nemtsov, later assassinated in Moscow, writes: "Biden says he wouldn't stand for President in 2012, if he were in Putin's place, as that would be bad for his country and for himself."

Angry and desperate for Biden Russian media

Since then there has been a lot of water beneath the bridge.

He not only stood for a third and fourth time, but also amended the Constitution so that two further terms were permitted and his regime could be expanded to 2036.

In the meantime the opposition leader Aleksey Navalny was obviously appreciative of Biden's assistance from the past, and he is healing from the assassinations attempt in Germany with a tweet of praise: "Congratulations for the win and for the new leaders for free and equal elections to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

It is a luxury that not many countries can bear.

Looking forward to the current stage of Russian-United States collaboration."

The Russian police searched the Anti-Corruption Foundation Bureau of Navalny on Thursday and seized all the devices from the ceiling, including a disco from the workers pockets.

"There are often people in shoulder blades that say to me they are soldiers carrying out orders from evil bosses," wrote Navalny.

"But the raids in our offices yesterday showed that the system has completely broken down to its very depths."

Unlike President Trump, Biden reflected on the Navalny assault, and the likelihood of potential ties with an administration with Biden could not be explained by all other signals from the Kremlin.

While he is in Germany, the Kremlin seems so worried regarding Navalny that Putin declines to talk publicly his name.

There are no questions in Moscow that Biden can always maintain the interest of Ukraine and prosecute Russia for Crimea's annexation.

A report from the United States

In early September the Treasury Department said the Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkah was an aggressive Russian agent for more than a decade, at the frontline of pounding misinformation regarding Biden and his son Hunter.

Although the Kremlin officials announced that Russia is far from a strategic settlement with the United States a couple of weeks before America's presidential elections.

The White House opposed Putin's plan to hold New Start going, the last big compromise.

In February next year the deal ends.

Rossyya-24, the State TV channel, transmitted Putin's meeting with foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as the weapons talks unraveled so that the whole country could see Putin's reaction: "Are we threatened to abandon the planet without this agreement?

"There was a query by Putin.

Lavrov confirmed: "Without any other document providing reciprocal approaches to strategic stability sustainability."

Kremlinologist Nikolay Zlobin from Washington predicted that during Biden's presidency, Russia was going to become America's no. 1 rival.

Zlobin told the Interfax news agency that economic sanctions under the Democratic President against Russia will not cease.

The Kremlin's analyst Sergei Markov said "Putin will be awaiting the official verdict on the findings and State certifications before congratulating Biden.

"Nobody expects him to be an independent leader, the US secret services will still operate in the anti-Russian deep state," he predicted. Markov said.

"An hybrid war will continue, and so the cold war with Russia will continue, which started in 2014, as the US helped the revolution in Ukraine."

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