McCarrick: What's known about the abusive US ex-cardinal

ROME (AP) – On Tuesday, the Vatican will issue its study on the rise and collapse, after decades of speculation backed by Vatican studies, of Ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, a once powerful American cardinal who was defrocked by Pope Francis in 2019.

There is proof that Vatican and US religious leaders understood his desire for bedding seminarians, but turned a blind eye as McCarrick came up to the church as a suitable collector of fundraisers who advised three popes. This is especially the case with other clerical abusses.

If the abuses of McCarrick were exposed, a breach of faith erupted in the Church's US and Vatican hierarchies, in order to enforce the suspected Bishops of misuse for decades of immunity for the representatives of the Catholic Church.

In addition, moreover the McCarrick case prompted the Vatican to admit that adults can often experience sexual assault.

The Vatican has long sought to consolidate the intimate interaction involving priests and adults, concentrating on the protection of minors.

However in his encounters with his seminarians, as Bishop, McCarrick has retained the maximum power: refusing his sexual success or disclosing his wrongdoing may have marked a halt to his priestly vocations and his church careers.

The current policy of the Vatican, implemented in reaction to the McCarrick-Scandal, notes that adults could by abussing authority of church leaders, be forced to commit or submit to sexual acts."

This is the case of McCarrick in anticipation of the Vatican report: We know this:

What is this about? What is all about?

On 20 June 2018, the Archdiocese of New York confirmed that the accusation that McCarrick had sexually abuse a child had 'gullible and justified' been created by a former guy who claimed McCarrick fondled him while he was a boy in St. Patrick's Cathedral's preparations in 1971 and 1972.

This was the first accusation against a minor McCarrick and the inquiry was thus launched.

On the same day, McCarrick's former Newark and Metuchen dioceses in New Jersey announced that in 2005 and 2007, two of three claims of adult sexual harassment were mediated by McCarrick.

James Grein then described the violence he had been exposed to at the age of 11, by a member of his family McCarrick.

Former seminarians have since mentioned how they faced violence and bullying when McCarrick was their bishop in New Jersey, compelled to sleep in his bed on weekend vacations to his beach house, while 'Uncle Ted' was a favorite guy.

McCarrick, 90, was reproached last year after the Vatican determination, even during confession, that he had sexually assaulted adults and infants.


McCarrick claimed the allegation was innocent, but he acknowledged the Pope's penalties.

He said in a statement on 20 June 2018, after the original accusations were substantiated, that "although I have no memory at all of this reported abuse and believe in my innocence, I am very sorry for the pain of the person who brought the charges, as well as the scandal of such charges causing our people."

In an e-mail sent to the Vatican in 2008, McCarrick declined to again have intercourse with someone but informed him he had displayed "unlucky discernment" because he had shared his room with seminarians.


The McCarrick controversy took on a broader scope after the former Vatican envoy to the USA, Msgr. Carlo Maria Vigano, released an 11-page exposé on August 26, 2018 accusing two twelve U.S. and Vatican churchmen of discovering and concealing the corruption of McCarrich since at least 2000.

He reported that in 2013 Vigano requested Francis' resignation, claiming that at one of his first meetings, McCarrick had "corrupted generations of seminarians and priests, and Pope Benedict had him ordered him to withdraw into the life of prayer and penance."


Initially, Francis declined to reply, but later approved a Vatican survey of his records to ascertain who knew what where, and on Tuesday.

In 2019, Mexican televison Francis said he understood little about the history of McCarrick, but didn't know whether the concern had been posed by Vigano at the 2013 meeting.

Furthermore, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, President of the Congregation for Bishops, acknowledged McCarrick had been subject to punitive action for the "rumors" of wrongdoing uncorroborated but clarified that the Vatican had agreed that he should pursue a quiet life of prayer, since there was no confirmation of it.

Vigano was suspected of producing a politically "blasphemous" hit job against Francis by Ouellet.

Future Revelations More Feedback

In May 2019 Mgr Anthony Figueriredo, the former McCarrick advisor, reported extracts from a correspondence reveals that in 2008 McCarrick was subject to the Vatican's written prohibitions on sleeping with a seminarian, but he frequently flouted them with Vatican officials obviously under Benedict and Francis.

In December 2019, the Washington Post revealed that McCarrick donated more than $600,000 in personal fund contributions to prominent priests, including some who had a say in prosecuting him.

The payments stressed that well-funded bishops and religious superiors have a shared practice of checking out favour in the Vatican.

McCarry also enabled the three popes through the US to funnel millions of dollars.

The Papal Foundation which he co-founded in raising money for special works of papal charity from the rich American Catholics.