Trayvon Martin to have street named after him

A portion of 16th Avenue will be replaced by Trayvon Martin.

This week, commissioners from Miami-Dade accepted the proposal for a rename and street dedication by high school Trayvon Martin.

Senior High Dr Michael M. Krop is renaming part of 16th Northeast Avenue from Ives Dairy Road to 209th Northeast Road, following Martin.

Trayvon Martin Avenue: designates Miami-Dade County

October 10, 2020, Maeve McGoran (@McGMaeve).

Trayvon Martin Avenue is the current street name.

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The bill, which is mainly the supporter of Commissioner Barbara Jordan, the district 1 commissioners, the Miami-herold report: "Trasyvon Martin was the ordinary teenaging guy who loved playing computer games, listening to music, watching films and chatting and texturing on the telephone.

Martin "has also been developing specialized technical abilities and has been reported, among other items, to create and restore dirt motorcycles. Martin planned to live near his own home and to attend the University of Miami and the University of Florida A&M."

The mass murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida in the City Hall on 28 March 2012 is witnessed by citizens along with the representatives of the New York City Council, a news conference called for revenge on 26 February in New York City.

(Allison Joyce / Getty Pictures photo)

Martin, 17, went to school in 2012, when a local watchman volunteer, George Zimmerman, murdered him.

The high school student came back from a convenience shop in Skittles hands to his father in Sanford, Orlando.

When Zimmerman, 28, started chasing his child, Martin was unarmed.

Martin was shot and died, finally.

A new campaign for social change will commence with the death of teens.

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During the presidential election 2016, Sybrina Fulton, Martin's wife, was campaigning with Hillary Clinton.

As Grio reported, Fulton initiated its own election effort, but it lost the race for the District 1 seat of the County Commission by less than 350 votes to Big Oliver Gilbert from Miami Gardens.

Since Zimmerman was convicted of assassination and massacre in the 2nd grade after a jury ruled that he was behaving in self-defense, Martin became a manifestation of the fight against ethnic discrimination of Black young men and ethnic inequity.

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