Police bodycams show what happened after Texas man was killed

Created by Matthew Goldfarb and Lisa Freed

[Originally transmitted on March 7 , 2020. This article.

On October 10, it was updated.]

Sandra Glean called 911 on January 2, 2018 and confirmed that her husband was fired by a masked attacker.

Upon entry of the officers, Jon Garner, 42, who was critically shot, was attempting to rescue.

The police searched the gunman's home, but found nobody.

Sandra Glean moved around Maypearl, Texas, the residence of the couple, with all the time spent in police images.

She says "48 hours" Richard Schlesinger's correspondent: "I realized I had to stay patient enough to tell you all that happened.

The pair just hours before the assault had shared their wedding anniversary. The police were surprised to discover that someone on their iPad checked "How to kill somebody when they're asleep" the days before the killing, rendering them a suspect for the investigators.

Following multiple searches of the couple's home and the cars, police discovered a rusty pistol beneath Sandra Garner's Mustang's front seat.

Ballistic experiments revealed that it was the assassination tool.

Sandra has been detained and convicted of assassination.

But she did? But did she?

Her lawyer says no and prevents that person planting a pistol and checking the iPad.

He suggests she was somebody really similar to her customer — somebody he felt ignored by the authorities.

The video transmitted is the most detailed video from a "48 Hours" camera that provides a rare glimpse into a killing event, in which everything is happening on the camera – from the first minutes of an enquiry to the decision that will shock the officers, the lawyers and the family of Sandra Garner.

SCENE Beyond THE Scream

According to Sandra Garner, at Ellis County Sheriff's office in Waxahachie, Texas, – close her home in Maypearl, she predicted last spot early in the morning of January 2nd, 2018.

She was already here.

Only a few hours ago, she and her husband Jon shared their eighteenth anniversary and addressed concerns regarding his assassination after one night of unprecedented abuse.

Sandra Garner, since I tried to support them as best as I could, I did not mind it at all.

Boyd Norton was also the also chief of police of Maypearl.

Lt. Shane Thompson from the office of a sheriff helped him.

All was routine.

Sandra was swabbed in her hands for contamination from gunshot, her clothes retrieved, and the interrogation began.

Invited to be interviewed Sandra Garner, the sole witness to the assassination of her spouse.

Sandra Garner: And I realized I had to keep cool so I could tell them everything that was going on ...

CHIEF BOYD NORTON: Have you woken all of them – previous to the incident?


Sandra Garner: Because I feel like having my feelings go, I'd loose something.

I can't risk it. Because I can't.

SANDRA Glean – I woke up and saw explosions. I saw them.

NORTON: Have you noticed a shot of the gun?

SANDRA GARNER: Two shots have been heard from me.

I wound up in the floor next to the bed somewhere.

She says that she saw a guy with a lamp and a weapon:

SANDRA GARNER: I began to shout, you know, so that someone will listen to me ...... and he replied, "Shut up."

Sandra Garner: And he says, "It's finished everything I come to do here.

Richard Schlesinger: Did you speak to a man who just fired your husband?

Sandra Garner: Yeah, that's what I said and he answered me that back.

Yeah. Yeah, yes.

She claims he both knew her and Jon, whom he had criticized for his years before for ruining his life:

"I worked my butt and shot me. It says, 'I lost my home, I lost my wife, I lost my children.' SANDRA GARNER: "He lost the house, I lost my wife.

He didn't only come to kill Jon obviously. He wanted gold, too.

Chief Boyd Norton: 'This is how your husband always spoke of holding the house's wealth, and I need it.

... she went in the closet ...... and she got a lock box. I think I got this money.

And Sandra claims that's how the murderer has a glimpse: "This closet has a light that comes when the door opens.

SANDRA GARNER: He had a mask on ... What I could see was his eyes. He had an interview with the police.

Richard Schlesinger: What is that tall?

Garner: He had been more tall than I. Sandra Garner:

Richard Schlesinger: You know the voice?

Garner Sandra: No. No.

She brought him a pile of assets. How much of the mystery remains.

Sandra Garner: I assume it was 18,000 bucks. That's what I counted the last time.

Richard Schlesinger: 18,000 dollars?

Garner: Yes. Yes.

Sandra claims the murderer gave her a little terrifying and strange directions before he left.

Chef Boyd Norton: he ordered her to stay there and count up to 100. He would come back and kill her, if he saw the sirens.

SANDRA Glean [police interview]: I have been counting to 100 as soon as I may.

[To count easily, Sandra Garner]: One, 2, 3, 5, 5 , 6, 7 , 8, 9, 10.

Richard Schlesinger: How soon have you numbered one hundred?

Garner: Oh well, well.

Then she called 911: Then

Even 911, what is your emergency? What's your emergency?

GARNER SANDRA: Here's a kid, and he's shot him ... Help me, please.

Investigators already had a story from Sandra about the death of Jon, but she wanted to hear the story of the couple's life together. Before she met Jon, Sandra was a two-time mother of two, serving as managers with one of the same manufacturing firm in Paris, Texas. She was 13 years older than he had been.

Sandra Garner: He's just been really nice.

He was regarded as a rough manager, though.

Sandra Garner: He just liked dismissing employees. They didn't have to work with him if they didn't do their job correctly.

Lt. Shane Thompson: We figured there would be people there who didn't feel about Jon because of the fact that he had shot several people.

Lt. Shane Thompson: Jon is sort of a mad, insane kid ... anti-depressants were prescribed. Sometimes, he took some, drank excessively ... very outgoing.

Two years after meeting they married on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas. None of that was important to Sandra.

We became friends. ... and we really did these this together. Sandra Garner: We had a great friendship. We enjoyed each other very much.

But her daughter Andréa didn't worry for him until 2014 when Sandra got a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Jon is Sandra's son's second parent Wes.

Andrea Miller: I've been seeing exactly how much he cherished her, and that's it.

Sandra Garner: I got a lot of sick with medicine.

She claims that she was worried of suicide and how to achieve it. It left her sad.

Garner: "What is my sleep like, how can I kill me?

How do I take my own pills?

Or anything like that. Or anything like that.

Sandra doesn't want to be Jon's weight, Sandra tells.

Sandra Garner: Yeah, one day I told Jon ... you know, "I just ... you're not going to warrant it, I'm just going to destroy myself." And he replied, "yeah, if you're going to do that I'm only going to destroy me myself too."

Jon became the main breadwinner and caretaker when Sandra became sicker.

Richard Schlesinger: How dependent have you been on him?

Sandra Garner: I've been really focused on him. He has really been everything I have.

Navarro County Sheriff's Office Sandra and Jon Garner / Credit

Jon's father and stepmother purchased the home across the street; and Sandra and Jon's backyard became the location for the party. In 2016 they settled in Maypearl, a population of around a thousand, to be closer to their relatives.

Jessica Garner: All the time we were there. I know, you're not just knocking at the entrance, you're moving in with our friends.

And she got next to Sandra, and Jessica Garner married her cousin Jon.

Jessica Garner: Yeah, I liked her. I liked her. I thought, she was a family. That's Jon 's mom. I mean.

So, from the blue came word that Jon was assassinated.

Then I just began to yell. I'm like "No. Jessica Garner. I 'm ...

It was a caution, it's just a nightmare. No, it's not.

A few hours after she entered, the sheriff's office was left by Sandra to the extended Garner family, who had assembled to console her.

Jessica Garner: I like, "What happened? What happened?

What — what is happening? What is happening?

"... And the story she shows us.

Richard Schlesinger: You figured she was?

Jessica Garner: I've achieved it.

Richard Schlesinger: Did anybody believe her in this room?

Garner: No, I don't.


To put it lightly, by leaving Ellis County Sheriff's Office, Sandra Glean had had a rough night and things were now getting worse. Her son Wes Miller arrived in the office of the sheriff searching for her.

Lt. Shane Thompson: Wes's someone we want to refer to, because ... he was ... the last guy about whom Jon talked apart from Sandra.

He accepted Lt. Shane Thompson to speak:

LT. SHANE THOMPSON: So last night you were with Jon?

WES ARE: Until 7. WES ARE.

Wes claims he went home and did not realize something was wrong, until the Jon families, including Jessica Garner, arrived in his apartment to share the news. It was just hours until the shooting.

Who might have wanted Jon Garner dead?

"Jon is dead," Jessica Garner: ... then he was like, "What happened? What happened?

And he is like, "Where is my mother?" We're like, "We know nothing."

Where is my mother? Where is my mother?

Wes hadn't seen his mother, but Lt. Thompson's curiosity was taken by what he wanted to suggest about it.

Lt. Shane Thompson: Early in the morning, Wes believed his mother.

He appeared to wonder if his own mother could be a murderer:

WES MILLER: I don't understand why if she did anything like that ...

LT. SHANE THOMPSON: What are your ideas?

I'm not going to say you, WES MILLER: I know, this is my mum, guy.

In the process, police became interested in the crime scene