One dead in shooting at dueling Denver protests

On Saturday, during the duel demonstrations in Denver , Colorado, one individual was shot and killed by officers.

Two individuals were brought into detention, including one perpetrator.

Two protest parties organized demonstrations in the city around the Denver Art Museum.

The police in Denver told the perpetrator that he was "a private security guard without any connection with Antifa."

NBC partner 9news claims that the perpetrator is a station employed private security officer.

The station notes that a 9 news manufacturer has since been released, the second individual remaining kept in detention.

The police claimed they were collecting from the scene a mace canister.

The social network footage of the filming seems to indicate a haze of mace sprayed before a shot is shot.

The killed man seems to have been part of the rally's "Patriot Model." "BLM, Antifa and allied Marxists attack everything we enjoy in and cherish this nation!" was reported on the event page for that rally.

Left groups have therefore scheduled a march, which they refer to as a "BLM-ANTIFA Supe Drive." In reaction.

The Denver business owners were alerted of the risk of conflict before Saturday's rally due to continuing national chaos and violence in the town in earlier incidents.

This is an updated article and will be updated with more detail.

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