In His First Appearance in More Than a Week, Trump Comes This Close to Admitting He Lost to Biden


President Donald Trump significantly did not concession the race in his first public remarks after he publicly lost Joe Biden in 2020.

But he came near some time until he recognized that a new president would arrive from January 20.

The white horse-haired Trump began ranting about the usefulness of 'lockdowns' by presenting a COVID- 19 vaccination update from the Rose Garden on Friday afternoon, stating, 'We don't hopefully lockout.' He added, stopping himself, "I won't go this administration isn't going to a lockdown."

"I think the, uh, who knows which administration is going to be in the future will tell, but I can tell you, this administration is going to be locked up," he said tentatively.

According to Trump, Jake Tapper from CNN, "This is the nearest thing he has been publicly informed of, and he will assume office on 20 January.

Not yet, but it was the closest thing to hear, I have not offered him much praise for being in the solar system domain instead of on planet Earth."

The Governor, on political grounds, chose to say — because I don't believe strategically it's nice — that it is very poor, from health viewpoint, he needs his period on the vaccination, because he is threatened with a vaccine not being sent to places like the New York State."

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that seven States had formed autonomous examination boards mostly after Trump had politicised a vaccination to the extent that Americans didn't know whether it was healthy.

The council in New York is chaired by a Nobel prize-winner who will study the FDA procedure to verify that the vaccination is effective for New Yorkers.

He said on the MSNBC just after the press conference, "All is directly personal with this president.

He uses the government as a weapon of revenge. "It should not be a fight over principal.

Cuomo quoted polling that found "an overriding share of Americans" concerned that the method of vaccine and permits could be politically intervened.

He said As soon as Trump gives me a dose, I will be prepared to take it though he didn't expect the Trump Administration to administer a vaccine before January.

In the late Friday announcement, New York Attorney General LETITIA James stated that if he miraculously received a vaccine before Joe Biden took charge and refused it from New York, she will prosecute the Trump administration.

"If a lame-Duck president tries to ax those who criticized his agenda," it is nothing but a vindicative behavior," she added.

Apart from visiting Arlington National Cemetery on a short day for the veterans and making no comments, Trump was not seen or heard from any major news source last Satsurday naming the race for Biden.

Instead the president posted simple conspiracy theories of 'poll theft' and threats on Fox News last week when he did not completely embrace his fantasies.

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