Federal prosecutors express concern over Attorney General William Barr's election fraud memo: Sources

A letter to Attorney General William Barr was sent to 16 federal prosecutors who were drawn by Justice Department leadership to follow up voting in the presidential election last week, claiming that they had not found proof to support allegations that voting tallies have been marred by systematic irregularities or other ballot problems.

By letter Barro was asked to revoke a note that was sent earlier in the past week asking attorneys of the Justice department to initiate inquiries pertaining to elections if they believe major violations, the sources stated. Their letter included American counsel — career assistant lawyer attorneys representing more than 12 states around the country.

Justice policy has for a long time been a matter for federal police officers, and a recent policy provision "policy change was not based in fact," as the fédéral prosecution wrote to Barr in their statement, first mentioned by the Washington Post, withdraw from participating in a publicly suspected investigation operation in anticipation of election.

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"We disagree with [your] argument that the effect of taking overt investigative and prosecutorial actions on the outcome of the election is greatly reduced after an end to voting but prior to certification," the letter to Barr said.

Signed letters from U.S. assistant lawyers in Arkansas, Kansas, Maryland, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere in Arkansas, California, Iowa.

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President Donald Trump has argued in recent months, without proof that he will be named the winner of last week's election if only lawfully cast votes were numbered.

But in his memorandum earlier this week to the U.S. law firms, Barr claimed that "[n]othing here should be taken as any indication that the Department has concluded that voting irregularities have impacted the outcome of any election."

One of the Speakers of the Justice Department insisted the line would say, what Barr's Memorandum wrote by the federal prosecutors will clearly "can obviously coexist"

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The spokeswoman said, "That is really the entire issue.

"To assess if such a crime is happening, the Memo empowers [U.S. lawyers] to review serious claims of electoral fraud.

"it is imperative that credible allegations be addressed in a timely and effective manner," said Barr, "it is equally imperative that Department personnel exercise appropriate caution and maintain the Department's absolute commitment to fairness, neutrality and non-partisanship."

"While serious allegations should be handled with great care, specious, speculative, fanciful or far-fetched claims should not be a basis for initiating federal inquiries," Barr continued.

Federal Lawyers voice doubt over the voter manipulation memo of Attorney General William Barr: originally sources appeared on abcnews.go.