Mother survives 5 bullets while shielding her 3 young children from gunfire

LAUDERDALE, FL — Diamond Ware bent over her back window, protecting her three little children from flying bullets as the weapons rushed her vehicle while stopping in the red light in West Palm Beach.

Five times are shot, but the 24-year-old mother recovered.

The driver of the vehicle, Demetrius McDonald, also struck by a vote, told police about his family traveling west on Boulevard Palm Beach Lakes and getting stuck at a red light.

He said three men didn't know Chevrolet Malibu 's white fire and fire opened on his vehicle.

According to the declaration that McDonald had made the police, he had a pistol too, and shot back before he sped to his house.

Approx. 16:30 shooting.

A ShotSpotter system was found on Sept. 26.

Later in 911, calls come to Ware 's home for cops, where police uncovered a blue, bullet-filled Hyundai Sonata.

McDonald, 29 years old, got out of the building, moved a couple blocks North back to the crime scene and told his agents what was going on.

In order to treat a gunshot wound on the left of his back he was admitted to the St. Mary 's Hospital Centre.

The investigators have said that a squad from the fire relief squad has brought Ware to Good Samaritan Hospital where she was examined.

According to the police investigation, her three children — 7, 3 and 1 years old — were unharmed.

Another lady, whose name was taken from a police article, told the police that she was in a shop with the family right before the shooting and that about three times she saw a white Malibu driving.

Police told Tydarius Tavon Adderly she knew the car.

Adderly, 20, was subsequently selected, by police, from the hospital's photo gang.

The claims for alleged shooting and the allegation of child abuse, documents reveal that Adderly was booked in the Palm Beach County Jail Friday.

There are also two more attackers that had masks.

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