Kim throws down gauntlet with huge new ICBM: analysts

The giant new North Korea missile that will be shown at a military parade directly targets US defenses and suggests a tacit invitation for the present and next US president.

Chief Kim Jong Un witnessed the intercontinental ballistic missile in Pyongyang at an extraordinary night parade on Saturday, from Kim Il Sung square, named after his grandfather.

Analysts soon accepted that it was the world's biggest roadmobile and liquid-fuelled weapon and that it was very probable to be used in several re-entry vehicle warheads (MIRVs).

"The aim was simply to overpower the U.S. missile security mechanism in Alaska," Jeffrey Lewis of the Middlebury Institute of International studies said.

He continued on Twitter that introducing warheads was "far easier for North Korea than introducing interceivers for the US."

The U.S. will need to invest around $1 billion in 12-16 interceptors for any missile if the ICBM had three or four warheads.

"I 'm sure North Korea will incorporate warheads faster than interceptors at that rate."

The projectile was measured to be 24 meters long and 2.5 meters in diameter and was claimed to be massive enough to move 100 tons of fuel that would require hours to load.

He added: "You can't transfer the feed things, so that you can't fill it at the launch site. It was so large and heavy that it was almost unsuitable.

"It's completely pointless to give out the alert 'We have now an ICBM smartphone with MIRVs, be really afraid' with hazard equation play.'" "

North Korea's watchers also alert about mockups or versions of Pyongyang gadgets shown at its parades, and there is no indication that they run till they have been checked.

But the rocket had been brought over by an immense 11-axle transport / rector launch vehicle which was historically unheard, far bigger than the Chinese eight-axle vehicles used by the North.

Melissa Hanham of the Open Nuclear Network said, "Maybe the truck's scartier tale than the rocket.

"When the DPRK produces its own chassis indigenously, the amount of ICBMs they will launch would be far less limited."

-- Red lines-Red lines-

Shortly before its opening in 2017, Donald Trump tweeted that North Korea is not building a missile that can hit areas of the US!


He spend his very first year in a war of words with Kim until an unprecedented diplomatic bromance formed between them, which saw the North launching an ICBM with precisely that range.

But following the failure of the Hanoi summit early last year, nuclear talks have been deadlocked over sanctions relief and what the North is able to give up in exchange.

The International Coalition for the Environment (ICBM) was confirmation that the North was still building its arsenal through the whole diplomacy phase, analysts said.

Suzanne DiMaggio from the Carnegie Endowment said the event was directed at the next government, whoever guided the event after next month 's president.

"Kim relayed-and showed-the most effective nuclear deterrent in North Korea," she said. "His main messages were that there's no credible military path against us.

In this basis, negotiate with us.

The Korea National Strategy Research Institute, Shin Beom-Chul reported that Pyongyang 's demonstration of the missile rather than its launch stopped only south of its net lines, he made a great deal of Kim 's pledge that he would not carry out any ICBM or nuclear testing.

He added: "If Biden is elected and he doesn't listen to North Korea, it would allow a rocket." "Yet it means that if Trump is reelected, and does not take account of North Korea, it will do a rocket," AFP stated.

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