Hurricane Iota heads for battered Honduras, Nicaragua

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – An early Sundai storm that threatened to carry Nicaragua and Honduras another unsafe structure – countries recently hurricaned by a Category 4 hurricane Eta – Iota became the thirteenth in Atlantic Season.

The 30th storms in this year's extremely active Atlantic Hurricane season is called after Iota as the record breakaway system.

These efforts centered on climate change, which experts believe triggers weather, larger and more damaging hurricanes.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center said at the beginning of Sunday that Iota was in a Category 1 hurricane with a maximum of 75 mph (120 kph) sustained winds.

But Iota was predicted to intensify quickly and to be a great hurricane by the time it arrives in Central America, forecasters said.

Centralized to the east of Isla de Providencia, Iota was around 475 kilometres, Colombia, then shifted to the western side at 5 mph (7 kph) on Sunday.

Iota has been advised that it could go or cross Providencia on Monday afternoon and then approach the Nicaraguan and Honduran coasts on Monday night.

The system was expected to rain from North-East Nicaragua up to 30 inches (750 millimeter) into northern Honduras.

Heavy rain and potential floods may also occur in Costa Rica, Panama and El Salvador, the core of the hurricane reported.

Providencia Island and portions of Honduras and Nicaragua were being alert by hurricanes by Forecasters.

Storm surge in Nicaragua and Honduras could raise amounts of water by up to 13 feet (4 metres).

In an area where citizens are still contending with the aftermath of Eta, Iota has tried to create further mayhem.

This hurricane struck Nicaragua just over a week ago, killing at least 120 people during the torrential storm, sparking flash flooding and landslides in Central America and Mexico.

It then wandered across the Gulf of Mexico, Cube and the Florida Keys before slogging up on the beach, close again Cedar Key, Florida.

Eta was the 28th storm of the hurricane season this year which linked the 2005 mark for storms named.

Theta, the 29th in the far eastern Atlantic Ocean, was weakening.

One Sunday, forecasters said, it was supposed to be a reliquary low.

Frisaro registered to the Florida-based Fort Lauderdale.