Biden says 'chicanery' at polls is the only way he could lose U.S. election

By Hunnicutt Trevor

ERIE, Pa. (Reuters) – The US presidential Democratic contender Joe Biden said Saturday that the only way he might lose President Donald Trump is by "hitchy."

In the must-win battlefield in Pennsylvania, Biden urged prospective electors to "take time to vote and we'll just miss this because of the scam in voting places."

Trump's efforts to prevent elections, including the issue of the protection of postal ballots and the promotion of allegedly intimidating Republican election observers, were referenced by Biden.

Trump frequently evaded announcing, when challenged explicitly, that he would recognize the election outcome.

Biden told reporters before leaving the state that his remarks "were taken somewhat out of proportion" and added "I'll recognize the results of this election, the time."

Biden claimed before that Trump had just wanted to "stake" the win as his key worry.

In his party, hundreds of attorneys and volunteers have been hired in order to postpone Polling Day.

The campaign of Trump accused Biden of lies and paranoia.

Election analysts were on the verge of the process, confronted with confusion and legal problems throughout the polls during the advent of the modern coronavirus.

(Trevor Hunnicutt's report, Rosalba O'Brien's editing)