Appeals court keeps alive for now Texas' limit on drop boxes for absentee ballots

By the Lange Jason

WASHINGTON ( Reuters) – On Saturday a US Federal Court of Appeal granted a provisional stay that permits the Republican Governor of Texas, after the presidential election on 3 November, to attempt to restrict counties to one single drop-off location for absent ballots.

Texas has become a long-term Republican stronghold, but in this year's election election campaigns are ongoing between President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

On Friday, a federal court reversed the cap on the drop-off locations of Governor Greg Abbott, which Democrats had condemned as voting abrogation.

But a panel for the United States on Saturday.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal claimed that the lawsuit was given a conditional stay.

By order Abbott ensures that certain individuals have to drive farther distances to cast their votes for electors who wish to return absentee ballots in person rather than by text.

In order to stop voting fraud, the Governor announced that the cap is required.

The battle against absentee ballots between Republicans and Democrats has been a central problem in the 2020 election.

Absentee vote is projected to rise because of the pandemic of coronavirus.

Around the same time, Texas is one of the only US states with restrictions that could be put on people who may not register: Only people above the age of 65 may register via text, be jailed or out of town.

In several jurisdictions, Trump's campaign and its Republican backers tried to restrict drop-offs without proof that they could encourage electoral fraud.

Democrats have advocated drop boxes for electors not ready to bear chance of voting directly during the COVID 19 pandemic as a fair and reliable way to claim that they help minimize the ability of the U.S.

Delivery issues for Postal Service.

(Jason Lange report; Aurora Ellis editing)