2 Maine police officers were fired and charged over allegations they killed 11 porcupines with their batons

On 21 September 2019, in its enclosure, there is a porcupine at the park in Ziniare, close Ouagadougou of former President Blaise Compaore in Burkina Faso.

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According to the Courier Gazette, the killers of porcupines have been charged to Addison Cox and Michael Rolerson, who were in reality from the police department at Rockland.

Kenneth Smith, another cop, was sent on an administrative leave to capture and publish the murders on Snapchat.

After the event was confirmed by a colleague, Cox and Rolerson all were charged with felony animal abuse and night hunting.

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After an investigator's investigation says they battered and assassinated 11 porcupines with their 'retractable batons.' According to The Courier-Jazette, two police officers in Maine were shot and criminally prosecuted.

Both Rockland Police department officers-27-year-old Addison Cox and 30-year-old Rolerson-have been charged, the Courier Gazette confirmed, with aggravated animal abuse and night hunting misdemeanour.

Cox is often fined to use or hold tools or tools without authorization, while Rolerson, according to the outlet, risks a fee to light wild animals or birds.

Both officers allegedly lodged lawsuits with the help of the Teamsters Union to oppose their firing.

In a statement released on 30 September, Chief of Police Chris Young said he could not detail events involving the officers, particularly as the Department carried out an investigation into unspecified allegations.

"Those with the badge and task of defending their societies earn a vast amount of strength; it is a strength that I am not light-heartedly taking," Young wrote in the post.

"I ask you to believe I'd take things very seriously and investigate properly if the accusations are made of police malfeasance and always place public protection and public trust first." "I want you to trust me.

Kenneth Smith, one of his other cops, was granted administrative leave to film and share a video of Rolerson's "eating a porcupine" on Snapchat, notes the Courier-Gazette.

This article stated that photos of the dead animal were released in June and Rolerson reportedly hit a porcupine with his baton and said, "To my baton."

The two officers later claimed that the porcupines were destroyed by the investigators.

Rolerson said some eight porcupines were dead, while Cox said he dead three porcupines, notes Courier-Gazette.

A fellow officer confirmed in August that the occurrence "Officer Rolerson pursued the beast into the woods not just to kill it, but still came back on his face with a grin and seemed to appreciate it."

A district prosecutor told CNN that in November the two officials will be taken before the judge.

The network said no one had yet entered a plea.

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