Muslim families hope to reunite following Biden's travel ban repeal

Muslim Americans across the United States are praising President Biden's reversal of the former President Trump's travel ban on many Muslim majorities.

The big picture: the removal of what is dubbed "Muslim ban" by many opponents rekindles optimism for thousands of families divided by Trump's decree.

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Mina Mahdavi, an engineer for cyber protection from Campbell, has revived aspirations in the San Francisco Bay Area for her mother living in Iran to spend time with her grandson, who was born several months after Trump signed a ban, reports ABC7.

Mahdavi wanted a visa to her mom, but visas were refused.

Nashwan Mozeb, a Queensian winery worker, hopes to see his wife in war-torn Yemen in New York.

Since 2016, he tried to take her to the USA, according to The City.

"Every day I pray to God to get together because it’s too hard," Mozeb told The City, hoping that his wife's visa application would be accepted easily.

Jihad al-Nabi, a Syrian refugee working as a chef, is looking forward to seeing his family in Chicago, he told ABC7 Chicago.

On the night of Biden's opening in Los Angeles, Mania Darbani called her mother who is in Iran in remembrance of his vow to repeal the ban, Reuters writes.

"It means I can get to you very soon," Mother Darbani told her.

But: The coronavirus pandemic could prohibit many families from collecting as there are limitations on travel and visas.

There is also a large number of visa and waiver cases to be settled.

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