Alleged Creep Claims He Used Steaks and Ponies to Spy on North Korea

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Awareness: This essay explains sexual assault in a vivid manner.

Eve Khazkevich was a typical — disgusting, vomit-inducing, yet normal — sexual assault towards her previous employer, in any way other than one.

Khatskevich, like way too many others, claimed that her employer was prone to frequent, unwelcome and graphic sexual innovations.

In a 2014 lawsuit, the director of TransGas Production Systems, Adam Victor, purposefully scrambled around her nude "grotesquely exposing his penis," and knowingly musedoned oral sex on her, finishing the act with the "pantomime of him as an administrative assistant, in her job.

However the trial of Chatskevich is distinct than any other, since it involved two unusual parties to charges of sexual harassment: North Korea and the US security.

During her job for Victor and the supposed improvements made in his profession, Khatskevich noticed that her employer had a peculiar habit of bringing diplomats from the UN mission in New York to parties where she was invited to enter them on the meadowlands race track and on the Palm steakhouse at Manhattan for "lavish" buffets.

Perhaps stranger was what came after that.

After the incidents two men she understood served for the FBI and CIA to address "the impressions that she had about the North Koreans" she had just had to eat with.

Victor exploited his apparent alliance with Intelligence Services to bully her according to Khatskevich.

The otherwise unremarkable lawsuit of Khatskevich from there has taken a strange turn.

A short article about the suit was reported in the New York Post.

The accusations had been followed up little but led Victor to make more extensive statements on his argument to be a career in the world energy sector that enabled the CIA and the FBI gather secrets on North Korea, Saudi Arabia and South Africa of apartheid.

Victor refuted the claims of sexual assault in court.

The feedback requests were not replied to by Victor.

His counsel refused to speak when he was contacted.

In a declaration in 2015, Victor said he had attempted diplomats at the United Nations Mission in New York at the invitation of the FBI, provided a bugged Xerox machine to the North Korean mission and sent a metallurgical samples to a staff member of the Senate Intelligence Committee from a trip to North Korea in 2013.

The affidavit of Victor, which first arrived in 2018 from The Everyday Beast, sought — to conceal openly — portions of the accusation of Khatskevich discussing his accusations of ties with the U.S. intellectuals.

Victor wrote in the affidavit that he acknowledged that I was and am the CIA and FBI asset, conveyed cynicism."

A FBI spokesman said in a statement that the Bureau will refuse to elaborate "due to our usual procedure of not disclosing sources or procedures" on the Victor claims of an intelligence source.

But at least part of the claims may be valid, there are hints.

As the lawyers of Victor stated in a November filing in a related defamation proceeding brought against him the appeal for seals was issued to Victor's affidavit.

In a March event, Victor's counsel informed the court that they had contacted the USA in their sexual assault action.

The Manhattan attorney's office and the FBI will guide you in addressing concerns regarding its suspected intelligence work during a deposit.

The lawyer wrote John Clarkson, Esq, the FBI counsel, tells us that Mr Victor is entitled to an NDA to supply certain information.

The 2018 Daily Beast confirms his claim to a friendship with Pyongyang's leaders at the UN through e-mails collected from Victor and North Korean diplomats.

and explain how the officials courted a coal gasific project in the country with their presents, meals and pledge.

Victor was praised by North Korean officials for numerous contributions — the Victoria Hidden gift card, cash — and was encouraged to do more by officials, in addition to the emails.

They may even be special.

The senders will be asking for "Best selling latest movies (sealed)" DVDs, "State of Art Network Firewall Applications and PC Internet Protection Management," "Frequency Hopping Application," "Cell Telecom Encoding" and others.

One of the Nordkorean diplomats who was supposed to go to Pyondyang sent Victor an email to inquire, "If my brother Adam might send me an HDD camcorder and an Ipod Video 80Gb(+dock) and wide TFT laptop" as a "token of infinite brotherhood." The first of these would have been to give me an HDD camcorder.

Visits to the Meadowlands race course, where Victor had horses and which was to fit up to 13 North Korean ambassadors, their families and children for a buffet and a trotter race, also took place in New Jersey.

The obvious point of these wines, restaurants and presents was to assist Victor in what he believed was an attempt by the FBI to gather intelligence on the UN Mission in North Korea.

Victor described in his affidavit the North Koreans as being "fascinated" by his horses and argued that he was "betting and making sure [d] they were 'winning.'" The bets, he wrote, were the way the FBI had me investing money on them, typically less than USD 100 for which the wage was 2 months and a half)."

After a diplomatic touch between North Korea, it regretted that the United Nations is the world.

Office had no Xerox machine, Victor claims he supplied you with an unstatised grab, albeit free of charge.

"To transmit backups of everything that was copied to the US security, my government managers informed me that they had changed the Xerox machinery," he wrote on his assiduum.

He stated that in 2013 he traveled to North Korea to acquire a metallurgical sample and that he was involved in promoting the development of a coal gasification plant in the region.

The metal sample will supposedly help American spies deduce "where North Koreans received this specific metal" according to the initial Khatskevitsch complaint and may shed light on North Korea's nuclear missile program, where the unidentified metal supposedly has applications.

In his affidavit, Victor said that he "submitted the sample to a member of the United States Senate Select Intelligency Committee for review and scan, possibly by the FBI and the CIA." Emails received from The Daily Beast indicate Victor talking to North Korean officials about the gasification plant concept and the attempts to get a soldering specimen from your welder."

Diplomat Han Song Ryol from North Korea at The Palm's 2013 birthday brunch.

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There is no apparent explanation why Victor will refer the sample to the Senate Intelligence Committee, which tracks the intelligence community without conducting intellectual operations.

A Senate Intelligence Speaker declined to elaborate on the particular claims Victor had made, but said that the intelligence committee was not an organizational part of the intelligence community, "and in situations when an individual presents international knowledge or data to the [intelligence community] we are led to the committee for approval. [Intelligence]

In politics Victor dabbled as a backer of Democrats and Republicans, offering a handful of recent and former senators including Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Joe Lieberman, Richard Shelby, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry and Mitt Romney's presidential campaigns.

Victor was also an advocate of West Virginia's Democratic senator, Joe Manchin, when Victor, TransGas Production Systems' firm, invested in the state's charcoal-to-gas plant, in Manchin's day as Governor.

The beneficiaries of the straight contributions – the 2011 president nominee and the Representative from the West Virginia - were not named in Victor's court case, but were found guilty of producing unlawful political expenditure of a total of $17,500 in total by various immediate family members and friends, according to the Justice Department,

"We saw in Governor Manchin a leader who has the qualities and convictions we need to enable the substantial investments made by TransGas in Western Virginia," Victor said in a press release in 2010.

The affidavit states that Victor had first developed his connection with the U.S. intelligence during the Kiryat Shmona massacre in 1974, when Palestinian jihadists, including teenagers, assassinated 18 Israelis, during a terror assault. Victor, outraged by the attack, said he addressed the CIA at a Cornell University recruiting event and informed them that the job had been completed for him.

Victor stated that the manager had approached him since he arrived in Saudi Arabia, with the knowledge Victor obtained from his job at his Aramco Production Unit regarding the economic and logistics capability" of Saudi Arabia.

After his return from Saudi Arabia and his purchase of an MBA, Victor stated that during a stay in Anglo American Company, a gold-mining company, he continued to work with the U.S. intelligence. At the time the government was in the midst of Apartheid South Africa and used waste uranium contained in gold mines for the intent of powering the nascent nuclear weapons program.

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