Lawmaker: Three people killed in clashes in southeast Iran

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) – The semi-official ILNA news agency has announced that three people have been killed over two days in clashes in the southeast Iranian town of Saravan near the borders with Pakistan.

On Tuesday, after at least two people had been shot at the boundary, an enraged crowd stormed the district governor's office.

Tuesday's ILNA article cited the leader in parliament of Saravan, Malak Fazeli, as saying: "To my knowledge, three people died when they were taken to the hospital."

Whether all three victims were killed at the border shootings or whether one of the deaths was caused by confusion in the district governorship office was unknown.

Fazeli said eight others were injured in hospital, but three were released.

He said peace was returning to the area.

Saravan is a big city in the desert of Sistan-Baluchestan, which is one of Iran's most resourceful and least populated regions.

Local official Mohammad Hadi Marashi reported Tuesday that the indignation at the governor's office was a result of many fuel smugglers being shot on the Pakistani border near Saravan on the previous day.