Israel opens embassy in UAE, expanding new relations

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel said it opened its Embassy in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday following a brokering deal last year with the United States to establish complete diplomatic relations with the Gulf.

Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs said that the embassy would be at a provisional office during the preparation of a permanent site.

The seasoned Israeli diplomat Eitan Na'eh will serve as head of the mission.

The opening of the new Embassy, Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said, would permit the extension of the already friendly relations between Israel and the UAE.

The UAE cabinet approved a new embassy in Tel Aviv in Israel on Sunday, reports the state-run WAM news agency.

The two countries have established direct flights and exchanged a significant number of trade delegations after formally forming relations in September, while thousands of Israeli tourists visited the UAE.

The United Arab States was the first of four Arab countries to develop or renew relations with Israel in compliance with the Trump administration's set of agreements.

Israel quickly opened an Interest Section in Morocco and a consulate in Dubai, according to the Foreign Minister.

It also said that for several weeks an embassy in Bahrain operated.