In Iowa, Trump praises the intelligence of Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin

President Trump said during the Des Moines rally on Wednesday night that America wants a wise leader who is capable of keeping up with President Xi Jinping, President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Republic, and the leader Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

"China's President Xi is 100%," said Trump.

'They're sharp and they're intelligent. Joe ruined it. In his better moments he wasn't an intelligent guy, and everybody knows it'.' Trump was talking to the ex-Vice-President Joe Biden, Democratic President Nominated.

In Iowa, polls show a narrow race, the State of Trump won in 2016.

Trump pulled up a recent survey undertaken by Emphasis on Rural America that led Biden to 50 to 44 percent, which was meant to make Trump feel somewhat stronger than the surveys that basically connected the two of them, but he told the audience, "I'm just up to 6 years old, I'm a little interesteed, I'll tell you that.

The rally took place at the Des Moines International Airport with thousands of people, many not masked.

Nearby there was a digital billboard with an arrow pointing to the Airport and displaying "Trump Covid Superspreader Case."

Although Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) released a declaration that says citizens can sit at social meetings at least six feet apart, her Twitter handle has been used to invite people to join, the Des Moines Report and spoke before Trump took the floor.

Reynolds told the crowd after tossing hats from MAGA, "The passion, the power, the excitement and the passion is on our hand. Don't believe the poll, don't believe what the newspapers say you.

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