AP FACT CHECK: Lindsey Graham revises history on Obamacare

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senator-led confirmatory hearings on the issue of the Obamacare Senate on Tuesday was intended to support Progressive countries like California , New York and Massachusetts, but little to the countries of South Carolina.

In this, Sen. Lindsey Graham skips the point that care in areas with a high housing expenses is usually much more costly. South Colina is still one of the twelve conservative states which did not pass the extension of Medicaid laws, an important source of federal grant.

Get a glance at the comment of the Leader of the Judicial Committee in interrogating Amy Coney Barrett as nominee:

GRAHAM: "Three states get 35% of the funding, people, under the Affordable Care Act, Would you identify the people? I'm going to support you, California , New York and Massachusetts, they're around 22% of the population. Now why did the money get 35%, because it's just 22% of the public?

THE FACTS: That's false.

In a way, it's accurate that more government funding falls from places with higher fees and higher insurance on ACA health insurance exchanges, so it's triggered by discrepancies in prices across countries and the amount of individuals subscriber-funded.

And there's another flavor: the key explanation why certain states such as South Carolina get much fewer federal funding with Obamacare is that they choose not to extend Medicaid, where the Federal Government raises 90% of the bill, is Larry Levitt from the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation.

In comparison to Graham 's contention, Levitt points out that this was not the nature of the legislation by the Obama administration either by then-Democratic Congress. Obamacare initially needed to extend Medicaid to offset the bulk of expenditures by the federal government, however in 2012 the Supreme Court decided to expand Medicaid.

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