US health official says pandemic clearly can be controlled

WASHINGTON (AP) – A day after staff chief Mark Meadows of the White House said "we won't contain the pandemic," a senior health officer from the Trump administration said Monday that Americans have shown that they could do this through simple protection steps.

Brett Giroir told reporters on a call to the pandemic "I assume we will handle the pandemic."

"I want to be explicit on our potential to make really large outbreaks – what the Americans have achieved ...

Deep South all over, "said Giroir.

He underlined what he calls "3 Ws"-he washed his hands often and looked out to your gap from others with masks. He carried masks.

Giroir said the evidence were very explicit that while such basic interventions can not defeat the virus entirely, they will regulate it. Coronavirus "nail in the coffin" arrives when vaccinations are approved and spread broadly.

Giroir 's remarks show open discrepancies between government officials of health and those in the upper circles of President Donald Trump's White House advisors, who claim that Americans will gain widespread protection by adjusting to daily life while shielding elderly adults and other extremely disadvantaged people.

A senior politician in the Health and Human Services Agency, Giroir has focused on improved coronavirus testing in nursing homes and in other long-term care facilities that account for over 40 % of deaths from COVID-19, though he is a pediatric critical care expert and has also held top-tier management roles and clinical studies.

We are trying to monitor the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics and other prevention area. On Sunday, Meadows told CNN that "we can not regulate the pandemic."

The original epidemic at the beginning of the spring contributed to a nationwide closure, with the number of new infections falling from some 40,000 to about 20,000 a day, but the scientists believe public health initiatives are still effective.

The summer boom arrived, as the south states welcomed a reopening, new cases soared to a top of 70,000 a day, fuelled by growth in the south and the west. As several of these same countries stepped back, new regular cases fell into the north of the country to between 35,000 and 40 thousand.