Be prepared: Biden transition team at work amid limbo

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) – The transitional squad of Joe Biden won't wait for a presidential decision until it's over.

Since officials have to vote in many undecided nations, the former vice president Biden assistant, Ted Kaufman, is making efforts to secure a government for the first time.

Biden said in a speech last Friday night, with his running mate, Kamala Harris, at the Convention Center not far from his home at Wilmington in Delaware, "I would like to note that we are awaiting the final results, but I want the public to know that we do not hesitate to get the job finished."

Biden noted that he and Harris met public health and economic experts practically Thursday when they started to work to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and said it "went even more distressing around the world."

Kaufman is a retired Delaware senator who was named as the Vice President of the Delaware Senate.

In 2008, he served on the transition team of Barack Obama and led to the formalization of the Presidential Transformative Phase law.

Biden requested Kaufman in April, a moment after a former Vice President wrapped up the nomination for the president in a once heavy-handed Democratic Primary, to begin work on a just-in-case transformation.

Still each day without a confirmed winner, after the polls, there are fewer that officially start to plan to take over the White House.

Although in usual conditions, the transformation may be a frenzied operation.

As this was occurring a curious political limbo.

The Biden can not do all it has to do as President Donald Trump proceeds to say that the election has been taken from him without any proof.

It reminds at least of the 2000 presidential campaign and the court battle in Florida following the polls.

Following over 1 months, a vote was made by the Supreme Court to limit the transitional time to just 39 days until the opening of January 2001 by the Republican George W. Bush to the Democrat AlGore.

"The advisers of Biden can't wait to see if the president chosen is actually the President-elect," Clay Johnson, the leader of the Bush team for change.

You better hurry up and carry ahead.

Johnson said that he approached him about the move, as his father went through this phase eleven years ago, in June 1999 — about 17 months before Election Day 2000.

Bush has already decided to work as chief of staff both for the transition and at the White House with Andy Card before Election Day.

They figured Johnson was in front of the timetable.

But the account then arrived.

After an initial ten days, Bush 's leading associate, Dick Cheney said that the race "would be settled one way or the other," Johnson began collecting funds and making staffing decisions.

Instead, an ex-Cabinet Counsel General for the White House from the Reagan administration used it to perform questioning to report on any issues that may have occurred in the background check. The Bush team has not been allowed to check on potential cabinet ministers and other candidates without an official winner announced.

"It must be assumed that it is you and that it is not presumptuous, but they operate more than that, as if it is," Johnson told the Biden squad.

"And last Tuesday night they might have began to do so."

Biden's campaign declined to elaborate on the phase of transformation.

His closest consultants believe that a Chief of Staff of the White House would be a top priority and the requisite things are assembled to cope with the coronavirus.

A president is named to 4,000 officers, and the Senate must approve more than 1,200 of them.

This might give Biden a problem, since the Republicans will still dominate the Senate.

As the Service Management decide the winner on the basis of all information accessible, the transfer phase officially begins.

This is so ambiguous advice that Trump could compel the head of the department to stop.

If the chairman will consult Biden directly is still uncertain.

President Barack Obama visited Trump less than a week after the victory, but Hillary Clinton was not resolved at the Electoral College.

Biden would have to contend with the coronavirus, which destroyed over 230,000 Americans, once the process begins.

Biden has vowed to take advantage of his transition to visit the governors of every State to urge them to enforce a national mask-wearing mandate.

He claims that he is preparing to holdouts around to get county and city leaders to ensure certain laws.

An other significant decision is how Biden can plan to deploy his fellow passenger, Sen. Kamala Harris of California.

His campaign showed that Biden would set up, as Trump did, a coronavirus task force in White House, but it is not certain if he is going to tap Harris in order to operate it.

The panel is chaired by Vice President Mike Pence.

Biden is in his Wilmington home with leading experts and relatives while his staff awaits the outcome of the ballot books.

Harris has also been keeping close since the election evening and joining Biden since he made remarks in the last few days, in a Delaware hotel with his relatives.

Cory Booker, a potential presidential primary opponent to Biden, has said that he wants Harris to be Biden's "true companion" and wishes to see her "manage big problems."

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