Trump's Secret Service agents required to wear masks, sources say, but often don't

Although President Donald Trump throws masks at his rally backers, Secret Service officers that defend him during political appearances don't normally wear them.

Secret service policy is that employees are obliged to wear masks, ABC news outlets say, but agents do not necessarily follow the details of the president.

An ABC analysis of footage and photos from before the diagnose COVID-19 by the President's Secret Service reveals that officers nearest to the President also do not carry masks, in contrast to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Afte the beginning of the pandemic, Trump agents, following him in depth, were almost all seen sporting masks, both inside and outside, seemingly in disrespect of a president who regularly mocked people wearing them.

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He ridiculed his Progressive opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, at the first Presidential debate because he was wearing a mask.

He might chat 200 miles out, then turn up with the largest mask I've ever seen, "Trump said," I do not bring masks like him. "Each time you see him he has a mask.

According to images and videos investigated by ABC News, agents on Biden's data are typically seen sporting masks around a nominee and have been cautious to cover wearers because his data were obtained in the middle of March.

PHOTO: President Donald Trump displays his help to Minneapolis International Airport Saint-Paul on Sept. 30, 2020.

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However, in recent White House meetings, where the virus might have been active, agents not wearing masks were seen operating in trump.

A series of people who took part in the event to appoint the Rose Garden Supreme Court and a dinner at the White House, subsequently checking promising outcomes, among them three US senators, former Chairman Kellyanne Conway Advisor, former Chairman Chris Christie of the New Jersey and Kayleigh McEnany, White House Press Secretary, and four of her assistants.

PHOTO: Secret service officers are stand-guard, while the President of the Old Forge, Pa. (Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images, FILE) Donald Trump talks at an election rally on 20 August 2020.

The Secret Service declines to elaborate about whether the specifics of the President did not respect the measures introduced by the department to compel agents to wear masks, although one spokesman stated in a declaration, 'The Secret Service seeks to follow CDC rules on the usage of PPE.

It is not apparent if any Secret Service officers have suffered from a recent White House epidemic, although some officers have sought to produce a good outcome for COVID, including two from a June Trump campaign advance team in Tulsa , Oklahoma.

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An ex secret services officer said mask wear could descend to occupational esthetics.

PHOTO: After speaking at the campaign rally at Duluth International Airport, Minn, Sept. 30, 2020, President Donald Trump throws hats to backers.

(Alex Brandon and FILE) (Alex Brandon)

The longtime Deputy Managing Secret Service Assistant Lynda R. Williams told the ABC news that "The esthentics in the White House have kept it all white House atmosphere they regard it themselves in carefree and secure worlds, because it wasn't an activity that was supported."

"The Secret Service nevertheless supplied [PPE] to those agents, whilst vice president Biden encourages the wearing of the mask and encourages the social distancing.

PHOTO: Veterans of the United States

As the longtime Democratic President nominee Joe Biden talks at the Gettysburg Military National Park, Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020 Secret Service stand watch.

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Dr Robert Redfield, CDC Chief, said that masks are necessary to deter the virus.

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"This is one of COVID-19's most strong weapons," said Redfield, keeping a mask in a recent Senate hearing.

After his own COVID-19 diagnosis, mask wearing among agents in the detail of the President became clearer.

But when an image revealed Trump's SUV officers on his unexpected trip to the Walter Reed Hospital for fans, it asked the retired officers who claimed they were placing agents' protection at risk.

PHOTO: On the 18 th of Sept. 2020, President Donald Trump is heading to Bemidji Regional Airport, Minn. for a Great American Comeback rally.

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Staff Chief of the White House Mark Meadows said "additional measures" had been taken to ensure that agents were safe on the brief trip.

The officers in the car can be seen with goggles, faces and protective gear.

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"Where was the Top Management Secret Service? Was anyone willing to resist this potentially harmful threat to these officers and their families?

PHOTO: President Donald Trumpm who tested positive for COVID-19 invites supporters in Bethesda, Md. (Tia Dufour / White House), after a drive outside the National Military Medical Center in Reed, Oct. 4 , 2020.

Williams, currently National President of the National Black Law Enforcement Association (NLEO), has confirmed she would support and execute mask wearing if she were still in a leading role in Secret Service.

'Particularly when we're in this setting and particularly in the last step of this initiative,' said Williams.

"You are open to many, but even many, because of the reality that you are an employee of Secret Service.

Sources claim that Trump's secret service agents wanted masking, but mostly didn't first show on