Sudanese officials: Diplomatic deal with Israel is near

JERUSALEM (AP) — Sudanese officials on Thursday reported that this week a US-Israeli senior delegation was on a private jet to Sudan to sign an arrangement to make Sudan the third Arab nation to normalize its relations with Israel that year.

Such a compromise will intensify Sudan's pledge to the West after this week's conditional decision by President Donald Trump to removed the North African country from the list of state terrorist sponsors.

It will also provide Trump with a foreign policy victory, winning reelection on 3 November, and raise his struggling friend, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The "Fox & Friends" show on Thursday morning said that despite the latest US negotiations torn up between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, the national security advisor Robert O' Brin, assured Trump, there's more to come.

"I guess we will soon have some news on that front," said O'Brien.

FlightAwar's official details on the web site said a private aircraft traveled from Tel Aviv to Khartou, Sudan, where it remained for about seven hours prior to its return to Tel Aviv.

The visit was reported by two top Sudanese officials.

One of those, a high-ranking military figure, said that an agreement establishing links with Israel was finalized by the US-Israel delegation.

The delegation was made up of Ronen Peretz, Acting Director General of the Bureau of Netanyahu, and the senior U.S. Gulf Relations Director, Brig . Gen. Miguel Correa.

The official said that the National Security Council.

He told Prime Minister Abdulla Hamdok they met with Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan, the Leader of the Sudanese Transitional Government.

A second official said that Israel's assistance and investment, particularly in technology and agriculture, will be part of the evolving agreement.

The Americans and Israelis have promised to negotiate finances and the debt reduction with partners in the Gulf and the West in Sudan.

The visit occured in a period of agitation against desperate economic circumstances in Khartoum and elsewhere in Sudan.

The officials did not provide a timetable, but said that Trump might make an announcement at "any moment."

They talked anonymously before a public statement was made.

Speaker Morgan Ortagus said that State Secretary Mike Pompeo met with Hamdok in Washington on Thursday. Speaker Morgan Ortagus.

"Secretary Pompeo praised the initiatives of President Hamdok to reinforce Sudan's ties with Israel and shared optimism for a sustained US help for Sudan 's continuing democratic transition," she stated.

This agreement is focused on Sudan 's promise to offer $335 million to repay Americans and their relatives for their past terrorist attacks.

The money is planned for victims of the US bombing in 1998.

Boards of the Al-Qaeda Network in Kenya and Tanzania while its leader, Osama bin Laden, stayed in Sudan.

The United States on Thursday

The State Department has announced that Sudan has been notified of the soon completed transfer of funds.

The Sudanese Government's removal of the list is a significant opportunity to improve official links with Israel.

It will open Sudan the door for foreign loans and assistance to save Sudan's democracy transformation and restore its scattered economy.

Sudan is on a shaky road to independence, when the military overthrew the long-standing autocrat Omar al-Bashir in a widespread revolt last year.

The nation is ruled by a civilian military administration, with elections at the end of 2022 likely.

The Office of Netanyahu and the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs refused to respond, as the US did.

Israel's Consulate.

Trump looks forward to the negotiation in the US before the referendum in the aftermath of the US-brokered political pacts between Israel and the United States and Bahrain, recognized by the 'Abraham Agreement,' for a further success in foreign policy.

While Sudan has little leverage or resources on the Arab Gulf countries, it would still be essential for Israel to conclude a deal with the African region.

After the Middle East war of 1967, Sudan arranged a seminal conference of the Arab League, which accepted the 'three nos' in the eight Arab countries: no peace with Israel, no acceptance of Israel and no concessions.

In 1993, Sudan was named a state terrorist supporter, in part to support radical anti-Israel organizations, including Hamas and Hezbollah.

It was reported that Sudan was providing the Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip with weapons as a pipeline for Iran.

Israel was reported to have been behind the Sudanese aviation strikes that damaged a convoy of weapons in 2009 and the factory of weaponry in 2012.

In the absence of any advancement in over a decade in office with the Palestinians, Netanyahu has made it a mission to forge relations with previously aggressive countries in Africa and the Arab world.

Netanyahu argues that outside pressure will drive Palestinians out of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, the lands that Israel seized in 1967, to drop their conventional demands for a state.

The Palestinians denounced Israel as a violation to its cause. Arab extended to Israel.

Netanyahu will embrace another political success after he has trumped up new negotiations with the UAE andBahrain at a period when his reputation has been plunging into his homeland since it deals with the coronavirus crisis and the harm to the Israeli economy.

Israel started its second national lockdown this week, but according to the government data several enterprises stay shut down, with unemployment at approximately 25 percent.

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Deb Riechmann and Matthew Lee contributed to the work of associated press in Washington.