Israeli leader confirms consent to US arms sales to UAE

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu seemed to indicate Saturday that, after a recent deal to create diplomatic ties between Mideast countries, Israel has offered its consent to sell the United States of America fighter jets to the United Arabe Emirates.

The planned selling would lead to the UAE making the stealthy warplanes, the first Arab nation – and the second country in the Middle East, after Israel.

It is also accurate that Netanyahu reiterated his belief that the deal on the partnership with the UAE will represent 'peace for peace.' However, the officials of Emirati suggested that there was consensus on this matter and President Donald Trump said that the U.S. had considered the Emirati plane proposal.

Netanyahu said Saturday night that the sale was only rendered after the signing at the White House last month of the diplomatic agreement with the USA.

"It wasn't until the Americans signed the agreement that the Emirates who still ask for the F-35s asked us to encourage us to offer realistic thought to this issue," Netanyahu said.

He said that after obtaining guarantees that the United States will continue to guarantee Israel's militaristic advantage in the area, Israel has sent a competent team to Washington for talks at the Pentagon.

"We accepted this agreement just yesterday," said Netanyahu.

The UAE agreement has been acclaimed as a milestone by the US and Israel.

Bahrain and Sudan were opened up the path for Bahrain to formalize diplomatic relations with Israel on Friday.

Israelis accepted the deal with the UAE but it became problematic that the United States wanted to export F-35s to the Emirates.

Netanyahu was sceptical in refusing any links to the weapons sale, especially on the grounds that he had circumvented Israel 's protection by offering to sell sophisticated submarines to Germany in Egypt.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz, Netanyahu 's governance partner, claimed he was held in secrecy until the end of the minute regarding the UAE contract.