Arson investigator, arson suspect fatally shot in Houston

HOUSTON (AP) — In Houston early in the morning after a shooting, an arson investigator and a perpetrator after arson were killed, following a suspect's prosecution by the city police and fire authorities.

Investigator Lemuel Bruce, 44, was placed in a hospital at about 3:30 am after the shooting.

According to Chief Fire Samuel Peña, northwest of Houston.

He said Bruce had been for 17 years with the service, adding that the first fire detector fired in the duty was.

The wife of Bruce and two children got condolences from both Peña and Mayor Sylvester Turner.

"Right now they hurt, the agency hurts," said Pena.

Chief Police assistant Matt Slinkard said Bruce was part of a squad to examine recent incendies in the city, when he found and chased a car accused of blazing.

In conjunction with at least seven explosions, one person was detained.

"The arson researcher had been trailing a perpetrator, waiting for the rest of his team to reach the field, and positioned his position over the radio.

The shooting had already happened by the time this squad arrived, "Slinkard added.

Slinkard added that the perpetrator was dead on the scene, but not named.

According to Slinkard, weapons have been found both by Bruce and the perpetrator.

Slinkard said Bruce was a police officer licensed but did not use a body camera as an investigator.

There were no observers.

Multiple authorities are reviewing the situation as firing by the cop.