Selling flowers out of her VW Beetle helps Rio woman survive COVID-19

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters)-The Volkswagen Beetle, parked in the corner in 1969, crowds of orchids and ferns with their open caps, sunflowering out of a windows, potted roof seeds, can not be overlooked.

Valcineia Machado transformed her car into a flower store after her company failed in the COVID-19 pandemic and became a success in the beach region of Rio's Copacabana.

She reinvented herself at the age of 51 and moved from the house to the sale of roses and other flours.

"I did not have enough funds to offer for the rental so I started worrying about what I should do to live."

And it's all that.

She had enough to cover a third of Beetle 's buying costs in the first three days and she says that she is becoming talking about the place.

(Sergio Queiroz's report, Lisa Shumaker's editing)