Mideast wildfires kill 2, force thousands to flee homes

BEIRUT (AP) – The Middle East wildfires, caused by a heatwave that struck the area, killed two people, pushed thousands of people out and uncovered mines on Lebanon-Israel boundaries.

The heatwave's regions cover Syria, Lebanon , Israel and the PA.

In this season of the year, the fire is in the middle of an extreme heatwave.

For a second day on Saturday, forest fires swept through numerous parts of Israel and the West Bank driving thousands of residents into evacuation.

Israeli Police claimed in a declaration that 5,000 inhabitants of Nof Hagalil in northern Israel had been rescued by firefighters and police officers.

The war-torn Syria is one of the worst affected countries where two people have been killed in fires and hundreds have been suffering from respiratory difficulties in the last two days.

Wildfires have also burned vast areas of woods, particularly in Homs central province and the Latakian coastal province.

Some citizens assisted them using outdated strategies including transporting water in pans and throwing them on fire, when they were outnumbered by fire fighters.

The Latakia Department of Agriculture chief of the Forest Department, Bassem Douba, said that the State News Agency, SANA, said the number of fires at various locations surpassed 85.

Also in Latakia, fires have seriously destroyed a building used as storage facilities for the state-owned tobacco firm in President Bashar Assad's home town of Qardaha, part of which has collapsed.

In Lebanon, military firefighters battled in the north, middle and south of the region, backed by helicopters.

Hundreds of pine trees were burning and when it was managed, a great fire in the southern village of Bater came closer to home.

Along the Israel border, Lebanon's state news agency has recorded fires in a range of villages, some of which cause explosions of land mines on the highly secured front.