McConnell says pre-election COVID-19 deal unlikely

By Susan Heavey and David Morgan

WASHINGTON ( Reuters)-United States.

Leader Mitch McConnell of the Majority Senate said Friday that a compromise on COVID-19 stimulus in the run-up to the polls on November 3 will be impossible in the White House and the Congress.

He said a news conference in his own state of Kentucky: "We need another rescues bundle, but the nearness to elections and the opinion gaps that are expected at this specific period are very vast."

The leading congressional Republican McConnell wished that politicians will move through party jockeying, finding a compromise on "hopefully one more rescue kit."

The Republican President Donald Trump displayed a revived interest in concluding an agreement with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the leading Democrat at the meeting, despite retiring his administration earlier this week.

After speaking to Secretary of State Steven Mnuchin on Thursday, Pelosi expressed trust in the legislation that "crushed" the pandemic in the COVID-19, that affected at least 7,6 million people and killed more than 212,000 people in the United States.

McConnell reported that there was no strong prospect of independent funding for the airline industry.

"I assume there is a very general consensus that airlines could be part of this if there is another bundle," said McConnell.

"It's still uncertain if the machine is eating airlines alone. But I just find the case is very ambiguous."

(Report by Mr Sullivan and Mr Howard Goller, by Mrs Morgan and Mr Susan Heavey)