AP FACT CHECK: Debate week's twisted tales on virus, climate

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sidely, but not silenced, President Donald Trump showed again this past week that the disease which infected millions of citizens, including him, can't be counted upon to provide clear accounts.

He announced that COVID-19 cures would not exist, and even though he was more conscious, the coronavirus was correlated with common flu.

The week saw the first vice presidential conversation of the 2020 race, and a spotlight on the electoral exclusion of the week-long virulent Trump versus Joe Biden showdown.

Trump is honoring climate change scientists as the President mocks them, Vice president Mike Pence claimed, and Pence justified the White House by claiming that the Head of the Government in the area of infectious disease had a major case.

California Sen. Kamala Harris was a Progressive opponent, who fooled his tax reform, thus misrepresenting Trump as a bogus rejection of the pandemic.

An Examination:


TRUMP, with the COVID-19 getting.

"You get stronger now what happens.

It's what's happening, you're looking stronger. "– Thursday's Fox Company.

THE FACTS: That's clearly incorrect as a wholesale guarantee.

It gets easier with certain people.

Yet over 1 million people globally, more than 212,000 of them in the US, died of the illness.

The disease can also leave many people with unconscious long-term injury.

Dr. Trump Navy Cmdr. Sean Conley said Friday that Trump showed no signs that the vigorous path of treatment recommended by his physicians is progressing or detrimental.

It's not he's over it, that means.

TRUMP has been issued on new antibodies: "We've got a solution.

There was a mistake.

This is a cure, I can assure you, because today I 'm talking to you about it. — Talking to Friday's radio program Rush Limbaugh.

THE FACTS: There's no remedy for us.

His announcement is at best premature and could generate false hope.

And the mixture of medications he has been prescribed can not pinnate his present disease on a single medication.

The most successful medications studied for managing and avoiding coronavirus infections are antibody therapy such as the one Trump has been prescribed.

But the medications are still being tested; their effectiveness and efficacy are still uncertain.

Trump was among less than 10 persons who could use Regeneron Pharmaceuticals without learning.

Eli Lilly and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. both recommend that their anti-body medications, which allow the immune system to clear the infection, be allowed for disaster management by the US government.

Trump regularly created so much of a pandemic and gave falsified ideas about prevention and care of the epidemic a significance that real prevention strategies including carrying a mask and being apart from groups of citizens is ignored.

TRUMP: "There's flu season!

Many, sometimes more than 100,000, people die of influenza every year and despite the vaccination.

Will we shut our nation down?

No, we've learnt to deal with Covid, in most societies far less deadly than Covid, just like we do!!!

"Tuesday's tweet.

THE FACTS: Research and itself are inconsistent.

Second, the US death toll from the seasonal influenza is overestablished.

Since 2010 influenza has killed between 12,000 and 61,000 Americans a year, not 100,000.

The COVID-19 has killed more than 212,000 Americans.

Second, health authorities are generally persuaded that the coronavirus is more deadly than seasonal influenza at least a few occasions.

Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Health Institutes said it may be 10 times as lethal to Congress.

"No hesitation, no hesitation whatsoever, there's this COVID-19 ...

It's a lot more intense, no question about it than seasonal flu, "Fauci confirmed to MSNBC last week.

Trump's message even goes hand-in - hand with what Bob Woodward claimed in February regarding the outbreak, even as he said publicly that it was even more lethal than "your hard-working flus."

He told the reporter, "This is deadly stuff."


TRUMP on Biden: "He gets up and he said, we're not going to be fracking. We're not going to be fracking. He's been going to be fracking, for six months. He's been going to beat up his — his hand is really slim and he has going to be fracked. And now he's all of the sudden not getting fracked. ... It's crazy.

THE FACTS: This is all right to be deeply puzzled.

Trump wanted to suggest that Biden had no idea he would prohibit fracking, but the president had omitted the prohibit in his speech.

Biden claimed he will prohibit fracking at a 2019 primary democratic forum, but he soon announced misinterpretation and fixed the record.

Yet Biden is suggesting that he doesn't want a moratorium on mining and probably doesn't mean this restriction.

Trump adds "They're going to ban drilling the minute they come into power" towards the end of further drilling allegations. This is incorrect, but it's the accusation Trump has tried to present.

His campaign claimed that Biden did not fall but just flubbed his place at one case.

The Democrats are divorced by fracking and not everyone admire the clarity of Harris as she claimed stoutly that Biden will not outlaw fracking in the vice-presidential debate.

"Fragmentation is evil, yes," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y tweeted.

From the debated moment


"Your attempts to eliminate fossil fuel and prohibit mining have been repeatedly pursued by all of you.

"We will continue to listen to research" on climate change, President Trump said explicitly.

THE FACTS: Besides Biden's stance on fracking, Pence is mistaken in suggesting that Trump is following climate change research.

He doesn't amazingly.

The public statements of Trump as president deny climate change research, which is exacerbated by people who consume carbon energy, which is declining rapidly.

Last month, he said "I guess science doesn't realize" about global change, the worsening of wildfires, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

In several public statements and tweets he's mocked research.

His attempts for reducing carbon energy have been eliminated by his legislative cut-offs.

When Harris claims that he supports the moratorium on fracking, Pence is right.

It was why she stood for moderator.

Harris said, "I'm no doubt I'm in favour of baning fracking at the Democratic presidential candidates' CNN climate change city hall last year.

Beginning on what we should achieve on public grounds from day one. "Still, she is tied to his different platform, as Biden's running mate.

PENCE: The NOA "tells us that, in fact, as hard as they are, hurricanes do not occur today as they did 100 years ago, yet many climate alarmists use hurricanes and forest fires to try and sell a bill of merchandise."

THE FACTS: He evades science on climate change and hurricanes.

Planet is not experiencing more storms than one century earlier in the major reports.

They find that the warming atmosphere renders today's hurricanes stronger.

Data indicates that since the 1980s storm intensification in the Atlantic has risen considerably and only human-caused climate change has been clarified.

A 2017 study of the 167 years of federal storm records showed that there have not been such many significant hurricanes for 30 years in history, for 110 mph in wind, these long days of whoppers in the Atlantic or that a great deal of the total energy that these strong storms have produced. The Associated Press reported.

These observations are what Pence calls an alarmist and part of it.

PENCE: "You see, other than the countries that are currently in the Paris Climate Pact, the United States has lowered CO2."

FACTS: Valid, but not impressive.

The giant economy in the United States is far more likely than any other nation but China to decrease its raw emissions of climate-damaging CO2.

A better indicator of success in different countries is the amount of pollution they have eliminated.

In the US, the emissions of greenhouse gasses were not even among the top 10 since 2005.


PENCE: "Biden intends to go back to China's economic surrender, before we entered power, with China alone half of our global trade deficit.

And Joe Biden needs to remove all tariffs President Trump is having to fight for American employment and US employees.

THE FACTS: Pence 's victory was not the tariffs.

Tariffs are first and foremost fees that are charged by customers and corporations at higher rates.

Pence thus defends higher taxation.

In 2019, trade gaps in products decreased in China owing to tariffs against China.

But this is at best a Pyrrho win when aggregate economic development of the United States hindered by the trade turmoil from 3 percent to 2.2 percent.

More significantly, the management of Trump did not minimize the aggregate exchange desequilibrium.

The government announced that the trade gap with all its trade partners last year had hit $576.9 billion , up about $100 billion from the last year of the presidency of Barack Obama.

On Trump's tax cuts, HARRIS: "Joe Biden would eliminate the bill on day one."

THE FAITS: No, Biden is not suggesting it.

Any of that will be abrogated.

Nor, even less on the first day of his office, will he revoke his own rule.

Biden would not increase people's taxes of less than $400,000, Harris said too.

He will breach that pledge if he reversed Trump tax cuts around the board.


PENCE, on 26 September Rose Yard, after which over 11 citizens participated