North Korea may show new missiles at weekend military parade

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — As chief Kim Jong Un suffered for months with a coronaviral pandemic and natural disasters and worsening economic pain under years of hard American sanctions, North Korea has been largely uncombattive.

But in anticipation of this weekend's 75th anniversary, Kim was rumored that he might stage a huge military parade, releasing powerful newly produced missiles.

Experts claim the aim, in the middle of a deadlocked nuclear policy, was to strengthen internal solidarity and attract US attention.

"His people are much weary, and his country is in difficulties ...

Kim Jong Un would like to organize his people and emphasize self-reliant strategies to resolve grievances and attract allegiance, "said Korea University professor Nam Sung-wook.

"It would take modern weapons, solid weapons to deliver a warning to the whole world to do so."

Latest satellite imagery revealed that in an apparent repair on an airfield in the vicinity of Pyongyang, where North-Koreans performed past parade thousands of soldiers stood in line with tanks.

South Korean Defense Minister Suh Wook told legislators on Wednesday that during a military parade marking the 10th anniversary of Oct., North Korea is likely to reveal unsheet "strategic weapons"

Normally, North Korea hosts large state festivities in years culminating in zero and five with significant military parades.

But often, when finding a stronger friendship with third stakeholders, the parades are less aggressive.

Kim did not talk or show any of his long-range missiles at a parade celebrating his socialist government's 70th Anniversary in September 2018, as the event came three months after he had his first summit in Singapore with President Donald Trump, on his nuclear arms future.

Kim was also parading his intercontinental ballistic missiles in the celebration of his late grandfather's birthday in 2012 and 2017, demonstrating his military might as he escalated the stakes in the confrontation with the United States.

Due to disagreements about the exchange of sanctions and disarmament initiatives, Kim has met Trump two times again, but his nuclear diplomacy has stuck for more than one year.

In 2020 Kim announced his aim to reinforce his nuclear dissuasion and to achieve a "frontal breakthrough."

But in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic which substantially reduced trade with China, its main ally and economic lifeline, the broken economy in the North was further devastated by border closures.

The heavy floods and typhoons which hit major agricultural regions in the North this summer would surely escalate the chronic food shortages in the world, say observers outside the world.

'The North,' Lim Soo-ho, analyst at the Institut for National Security Strategy in Seoul, said, "would have the absence of foreign currency, and the country could reach an environment where exchange rate and market pricing uncertainty will increase the pressure on people's daily life, and establish a political pressure on Kim.

The South Korean legislative analysis arm, the National Assembly Budget Office in Seoul, has recently announced that imports from China have fallen by about 67% and that exports from China decreased by around 72% in the first half of this year.

It reported that China last year accounted for over 95% of foreign trade in North Korea.

North Korea has repeatedly claimed that there has been no single event for coronaviruses, which international scientists deny extensively.

Kim directed troops to fire on traffickers and others to enter its frontier illegally as part of the anti-virus initiatives, South Korean and American military announced.

North Korean soldiers shot fatally a South Korean who was discovered in his waters last month, and Kim was excused by this event.

"On the 75th anniversary, Kim has no presentation at all to his people.

Will he claim that his economic operation is fine, his citizens are well fed or his administration overcomes the coronavirus?

"An Observer at the Korea Institute of South Korea's Military Affairs, Kim Yeol Soo, said.

"So he is going to call a march to rally his demoralized people."

North Korea 's latest weapons systems might be a latest solidly operated intercontinental ballistic weapon, a multi-warhead weapon, an improved ballistic rocket or a sophisticated missile launcher this weekend, says Kim Yeol Soo.

It is uncertain whether Kim would give a public speech at Kim Il Sung square in Pyongyang.

If he does, Kim can not tell anything but to call on his people to remain strong and vigilant in the effort to resolve domestic difficulties.

"Kim is attempting to control his dealings with the USA in order not to get worse, but he isn't in a role ideal to do much and to give a fresh external message to competitors right now," said Moon Seong Mook, former Brigadier General of the South Korean Army who engaged in inter-Korean military talks.

The North Korean Moon said that around the anniversary, it will perform a mid-point SLBM test as the missile would not constitute a direct danger for the US.

But some analysts claim that after the US presidential election in November North Korea is likely to carry out big military tests to improve its influence during future new US talks for someone to win the elections.

"They 'd find it's no good to throw a rocket when they want the reelection of Trump," says Nam.

But they may like to give the following letter after the polls, be it Trump or (Democratic nominee Joe) Biden: 'Do not ignore me.

We require your heartfelt attention and a meeting.'"