YPO and ITU to Co-Host European Impact Summit: Virtual Event to Bring Together Top Business Minds to Imagine, Collaborate and Create a Better World

The event will reflect on six main issues that the planet faces today: climate and environment action, Europe's prospects and global areas, migration and refugees, infrastructure, cyber protection and outbreaks of disease.

The forthcoming simulated gathering, the European Effect Summit (EIS20) will take place between the 19th and the 21st of October 2020 in GENEVA, Oct 14.2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — YPO, the world leadership group, with more than 29 000 heads of management and ITU, the United Nations specializing department for information and communication technology.

With the intention of seeking answers for today's urgent problems in Europe and the globe, EIS20 will put YPO entrepreneurs, leaders of key specialized organisations , governments and institutions together.

EIS20 attendants will cooperate and build synergistic projects for citizens, world, fostering development and harmony for three days in a sequence of plenary sessions and discussions.

Oleg Volkosh, EIS20 Co-Chair, YPO Europe Influence Officer, and YPO Russia founder, said "I dream that YPO will make the future safer for us, our children and us."

"EIS will help us take the next steps in contributing to the environment of sense and effect."

Chaesub Lee, director of the ITU Telecommunications Standardization Bureau, said, "It's pleased to join YPO to host a Summer that has this opportunity to create new collaborations."

"One may evolve on a scale that fits the scale of humanity's problems only by impactful new alliances."

The event will concentrate on six main issues addressed by the world today: climate change and environmental action, Europe's and global regions' future, migration and refugees, the economy, cyber protection and disease outbreaks.

The EIS20 will include perspectives and thinking from outstanding speakers moderated by CNBC international's Tania Bryers, including:

Deepak Chopra, MD, Chopra Founder and Chopra Global Base

Vanessa Erogbogbo, Director of Supply Chains Sustainable and Equitable

UN Secretary-General for Global Communications, Melissa Fleming

Former Ruler, Biodiversity Scientist and Developer Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, Republic of Mauritius

Professor John L. Hennessy and alphabet chairman at Stanford University

IMAGINE Co-founder and President Paul Polman

Sarawak Study & South East Asia Forest Founder, Clare Rewcastle

Sting, 17-time Singer, writer, actress, activist and Grammy Prize winner

Eric Yuan, Zoom Video Communications CEO and Founder, Inc.

Sivaaji De Zoysa, co-chair EIS20 and Ypo Columbo and Alpine Chapter Founder, said: "Today we face some of the biggest obstacles in history. We need collective unity to succeed for mankind and the earth in future.

"To establish these solutions, EIS is the ultimate forum for stakeholders to collaborate."

Over YPO:

YPO is a global group of representatives of over 29,000 representatives in 142 states who hold the view that the planet needs better leaders.

Any of our participants at a young age achieved valuable leadership performance.

They merge lead companies and organisations that add USD 9 trillion in annual profits.

YPO participants encourage and sustain one another in a group of accessible sharing and confidence through peer training and excellent interactions.

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About the ITU of the UN:

ITU has been developed by the United Nations as the specialist ICT department.

Created in 1865, ITU assigns global radio spectrum and satellite orbits, establishes technological requirements to ensure to netwerks and technology interconnects smoothly and aim to increase access to ICTs for underserved societies across the world.

ITU aims at linking all people around the globe – wherever they reside and whatever means they have.

ITU defends and supports the freedom to connect to everyone in its function.

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