Some hospitals in crisis as US nears high for COVID-19 cases

BOISE, IDAHO (AP) — In the recent ominous indication that illness grips the nation as countries from Connecticut to Idaho are flocking, the United States is drawing close to a milestone for the amount of new coronavirus infections.

The effects of the lock-up are being felt across every section of the country, starting Friday at the Ogala Sioux Tribe reservation in South Dakota, a request by a Florida health officer to stop children's birthday parties and an increasingly desperate hospital situation in north Idaho, where patients run out of rooms and aircraft into Seattle or Portland, Oregon are being considered.

"All our hospital floor has basically been shut down.

We got twin rooms to have.

Dr. Robert Scoggins, a pulmonologist at Kootenai health hospital in the heart of Alene, said that we bought additional hospital beds.

"There's no pandemic in our hospital."

Walk Kirby was a board member of those who accompanied Scoggins at a conference of the Panhandle Health District of Northern Idaho.

"They are dying, they will continue to die and catch this thing," Kirby said. "They will die.

"How many are not going to wear a mask?

They would not be vaccinated with the same individuals.

For new COVID-19 cases in the United States the 7-day rolling average exceeds 61 140 on Thursday, as opposed to 44 647 cases two weeks ago.

On 22 July the record was reached when the rolling average in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California was 67,293, mainly due to the outbreak in the summer.

On Thursday, the United States reported 71,671 new instances, with numerous states registering in the Midwest and West.

The rise in the United States reflects an equally widespread spike in Europe, where the pandemic is being slowed down by Rome , Paris and many other major cities in their nightlife.

The first such international airlift since the pandemic first endangered Dutch hospitals in spring was a helicopter in the Netherlands that took a Dutch COVID-19 patient to the Intensive Care Unit in Germany.

The Head of the World Health Organization warned of the "critical juncture" among countries in the Northern Hemisphere as cases of death continue to increase.

The WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a Friday briefing: "The following few months will be very tough and some countries are on the dangerous track."

Any of America's most recent developments:


In Southern Dakota, in reaction to an growing amount of COVID-19 incidents, the Oglala Sioux Tribe requested a one-week shutdown of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

By the morning of October 30, non-essential transport is forbidden and non-essential organizations must shut down.

The tribe had 391 successful COVID-19 cases on its Twitter page on Thursday, which has nearly 20,000 inhabitants.

The lockdown is on Thursday as South Dakota overcame 9,000 active coronavirus cases, and one day there were 973 new cases recorded all-time high.


Parents were discouraged from holding Birthday Parties for their son, regardless of their size, in one of Florida's most populated areas.

Dr. Raul Pino, an Orange County State Health Officer told half the 30 members of a recent Sweet 16 group that the virus was present in Orlando.

Two weeks after students attending the birthday party had tested positive, the high school in Orange County shut down last month.

"They will not only impact the people who take part in this activity, they will also affect everyone else with whom they go," said Pino.

"If we don't behave superresponsibly, we can begin to have repercussions."


On Friday in Massachusetts, multiple COVID-19 clusters connected to ice hockey game and practice introduced a 2-week closure of Ice Hockey facilities in the state.

According to the State Department of Public Health, there were at least 30 cluster of COVID-19, culminating in 108 recorded hockey incidents, affecting people of more than 60 municipalities.

University and professional programmes shall be removed from the directive.

Texas Texas

In Texas, in response to the surge in coronavirus infection, Gov. Greg Abbott is sending further medical reinforcements to El Paso.

This week more medical staff and equipment will be provided by the Texas State Health Services Department and the Texas Emergency Management Division.

This week, 3.750 new coronavirus infections, including 1,161 on Thursday, were recorded in El Paso County.

This statistic reflects 17.5% of the 21,321 cases registered by the 254 counties of the State this week.


In Northern Idaho a municipal health board agreed to abrogate the central mask mandate, even as the health-care situation deteriorated.

Moments after thinking about the 99% potential of Kootenai Health Hospital in Couer d'Alene.

Kootenai is conservative Idaho's third most populated county.

Since the pandemic started, the State has experienced its largest increase in coronaviruses, with new cases increasing 46.5% in the last two weeks.

The Republican Governor Brad Little has failed to take action to slow the propagation of the virus by requesting masks.

During a virtual press conference on Thursday, Dr. Joshua Kern, St. Luke's Vice President in the Magic Valley, which includes the Twin Falls and the Jerome area, said he and other medical professionals are terrified.

"The aim of all action regarding coronavirus was to stop overwhelming hospitals and I suggest that the hospital is overloaded today," he told us.

"There's no sending them now, honestly," he said.

"Boise hospitals are very complete, with similar problems affecting other hospitals in this region.

The hospitals of Salt Lake have full ICUs.

It just isn't a cavalry coming.

We are it. "We are it."


The level of new cases remained low in the Northeast, which had been badly hit earlier, for a period while, as the new COVID–19 cases were raised in the Midwest and elsewhere.

Several countries, including New Jersey and Connecticut, have imposed quarantine requirements on travelers coming from dozens of countries with higher positive testing rates.

In New Jersey and Connecticut, though, rates increased this week such that it qualifies for its own quarantine restrictions.

From New York, Crary wrote.

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