Former Trump campaign manager hospitalized after threatening self-harm: ABC News

From Pete Schroede

WASHINGTON ( Reuters) – Bradley Parscale was hospitalized Sunday after his wife had alerted the police of a possibility of injuring herself in a former campaign manager for the reelection campaign for President Donald Trump, ABC News confirmed.

In a tweet, the police department Fort Lauderdale in Florida announce that after obtaining a complaint from his wife a man known as Parscale was arrested.

The department said in a statement, "Officers approached the male, produced a study, and negotiated peacefully to get him out of the building."

They didn't name Him specifically as Trump's former campaign manager, but a land registry lists the co-owner of the property as the wife of the former campaign manager, Candice Parscale.

On the scene, the police talked to the wife of Parscale, who informed her husband that they were "loaded, had access to numerous guns inside the home and tried to damage itself."

In July after the President had lagged in polls behind former Vice President Joe Biden, Parscale has been defeated from Trump 's leading re-election bid.

He blamed internally a bite of Tulsa , Oklahoma, that took a huge crowd in June and sparked a subsequent outbreak of coronavirus.

"We are happy to help him as well as his family as possible," Tim Murtagh, the campaign spokesperson for Trump said in a tweet, without confirming in concrete terms the event. "Brad is a friend of the family and we all love him."

(Pete Schroeder and Arshad Mohammed's report; Perry's editing)