AP FACT CHECK: Trump's skewed indictment of wind power

WASHINGTON (AP) — The denial of wind power by President Donald Trump is out of line with the times as a split, inefficient, bird-slaughtering way to make energy.

In his debate with Democrat Joe Biden on Thursday night, he slammed the technology; unfairly battling wind power is much dirtier and much cheaper than natural gas.

Look at what he meant, here's a look:

Biden's TRUMP: "Wind I know better than you do.

That's very costly.

THE DATES: It's not. No.

He is out of date on his stage.

According to a survey of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in Electricity, wind energy prices had decreased all-time in 2019, an average of less than 2 cents per kilowatt-hour, for newly installed plants and therefore becoming more competitive with other producing sources.

"The country-based wind energy is one of the cheapest energy sources accessible today," says the agency.

With the rise and development in technologies, wind and solar are much cheaper.

This is why wind , solar and low-cost natural gas are expanding while coal and nuclear energy projects are winding down.

In spite of Trump's regulatory backing for oil , gas and coal industry and the Obama era efforts to combat climate change and air pollution.

TRUMP: "It is sporadic. It is intermittent.

It has many problems. "It has many problems.

THE FACTS: The downsides are xaggerated.

Most major energy consumers do not hold the view of Trump regarding wind turbines not being efficient.

The government's Energy Information Administration says that next year, renewables like wind and solar will provide America with more power than nuclear and coal-fired electricity.

And green energy is said to be much more efficient than natural gas in U.S. power plants by 2045.

TRUMP: "Fumes are more than just what we are concerned about natural gas that are going up to create these big windmills."

THE FACTS: This is incorrect. That's wrong.

The windmills grind grain. (They're sometimes named wind turbines.)

Federal scientists claim that wind turbines pollute when generated and few to little when in service.

Wind power is far cleaner than natural gas, even when considering production emissions.

Wind turbines produce 0.4 oz of carbon dioxide in their lifespan, on average, in the Natural Green Energy Laboratory of the Department's Energy.

Which covers output pollution.

The natural gas contains at least 22,6 ounces per kilowatt-hour 58 times greater than carbon dioxide.

TRUMP: "Both birds are destroyed by wind strength."

THE FACTS: Clearly this isn't the case.

Although several are destroyed by turbines.

Studies have shown that in North America, wind farms consume an annual total of 230,000 animals, the US notes.

Wildlife Service for Fish and Wildlife.

As more turbines are deployed, the number would rise.

It claims the organization murders approx. 599 million people annually and cars from glass windows of houses, approx. 214 million a year.

The agency estimates, altogether, that 1 in 14,000 bird deaths is caused by wind turbines.

Thus turbines, if reasonably few, are an external hazard to birds.

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