Donald Trump 'spoke more to North Korea than to Europeans' says EU Council chief

Charles Michel said Joe Biden's swear could mean a return to "respectful" dialog between Europe and the U.S.

President Charles Michel of the European Council (SUN) said yesterday that Joe Biden's swearing in could mean a return to the "respectful" dialog after the four years of the Trump presidency, which "damaged the relationship between Europe and the United States."

"I say this, and it is not a joke, the previous president spoke more with North Korea than worth the Europeans" Mr Michel said on French radio Europe 1.

He added that the inauguration of Joe Biden, a democrat who in November defeated Mr Trump, will mark the beginning of a «most natural, respectful dialog on core issues such as climate».

One of Mr Biden's first executive orders, when he came into office, was that his predecessor should be rejoining the Paris Climate Agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2017.

European Union leaders have said they plan to improve transatlantic ties, including climate change, the pandemic Covid-19 and free trade on global topics.

However, the alliance's deterioration, guided by Mr Trump's policies, such as higher tariffs for Europe's goods from airplanes and steel to whiskey and cheese, is not expected to vanish with the former president.

Trump threatened to withdraw the United States from NATO because he felt the European members were not investing enough on supporting the alliance: 'We don't want to be any more suckers.'

"I know perfectly well that the impact of Donald Trump has not disappeared... subjects like trade, in particular the relationship with China, are subjects for which we will not spontaneously have matching positions," Mr Michel said on Sunday.

"But there will be at least a space for dialogue."

Mr Biden is due to visit Brussels for a "extraordinary summit" with EU representatives this year and a NATO security alliance gathering in the future.