Philippines eyes Sinovac trial as early as November

MAINILA (Reuters) – The Head of Sinovaceae's food and medicine department, Sinovac Biotech, could begin late-stage coronavirus trials in the Philippines as early as next month, after it reached the country's initial screening stage.

The Chinese Drug Manager's standardized submission for Phase 3 trials in two weeks is scheduled to be submitted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and regulatory authorities will make a judgment after their review.

A November trial launch was "possible," Domingo told reporters.

On Wednesday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte affirmed his desire to make his country import its vaccines COVID-19, either from China or Russia.

He has stated that he wants the whole of the community immunized and said that once the vaccine is effective he would not reopen classrooms.

A spokesman from Sinovac reported that in the hope of beginning Phase 3 trials material was given to the Philippines, but he didn't provide any time frame.

A member of a group of specialist applicants for scientific and therapeutic studies, Jaime Montoya, said that Reuters had conducted a medical assessment of Sinovac and the findings have already been sent for approval by an ethics commission.

In addition, the Philippines tests COVID-19 vaccines from the Russian Gamaleya and Johnson & Johnson's Janssen testing institutes in late-stage trials and talks as a possible provider with U.S. pharmaceutical drugs producers Pfizer and Moderna.

In the area of Southeast Asia, COVID-19 has been reported to be 346,536 and 6,449.

(Neil Jerome Morales and Karen Lema's survey in Manila; Roxanne Liu's additional survey in Beijing; Martin Petty 's report)