German official questions Syria deportation halt

BERLIN (AP) — Deutschland 's leading intelligence official is recommending a reform of the country's laws barring all deportations to Syrian countries after the detention of a young Syrian recently released from jail, in a fatal stunning of Islamic-extremism suspicious prosecutors.

On Oct. 4, two men from West Germany visiting the eastern town of Dresden were assaulted and hospitalized.

One died in a doctor later.

On Tuesday evening, the twenty-year - old Syrian man was detained and the investigation was treated by the Federal Authorities the day after as a potential act of terrorism.

Local media claimed that the Syrian individual who arrived in Germany in 2015 had, among other offences, been convicted of bodily harm under juvenile law and attempted to hire for the Islamic State party.

He was issued on 29 September and was watched not around the clock by the authorities.

Last year the status of man refugee was withdrawn.

Since 2012 however, because of the civil war in that region, Germany has not deported the citizens to Syria and the assessment provided by the Foreign Minister is that none of their areas is safe.

"I'll be very keen to suggest deporting citizens to pacified areas of Syria, but the evaluation of the Foreign Minister is too far different," said Horst Seehofer at the end of Thursday. "The assessment was different.

That was supported by other officials in the conservative Seehofer camp and rejected by colleagues from the center-left.

It is up to German federal and state security authorities to amend the procedure.

Boris Pistorius, Lower Saxony's centre-left Interior Minister, said Friday that the expulsion of suspected Islamists and offenders to Syria is not technically legally feasible.

"A civil war still remains there, with no authority accountable and sensitive," he said.