Memorial march to be held near Paris to honor slain teacher

PARIS (AP) – On Thursday night a remembrance rally will be organized in the immediate vicinity of Paris in recognition of the history teacher who has been decapitated last week, though 16 suspects have been under detention in the French Police as part of the assault inquiry.

Elected local leaders, professors and parents' groups called on participants to wear white at 6:30 p.m. for the march.

The school (1630 GMT; 12:30 p.m. EDT) would take place near the high school Samuel Paty taught in Conflans-Sainte-Horne, northwest Paris.

On Friday, Paty was murdered by an 18-year-old immigrant from Moscow, who later was shot by the authorities.

Police officials have claimed that Paty has spoken with his class against caricatures that challenge Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

The parliamentarians of France will also assemble at the National Assembly on Tuesday for a ceremony and a minute of silence.

A Franco judicial officer privately claimed that 16 individuals, including the family members of the assailant, were in police custody on Tuesday because he was not able to reveal details regarding an active inquiry.

Legal officials have now conducted a murder probe on an alleged extremist ground.

In the meantime, Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin announced a mosque that had posted a letter to the social media to condemn the cartooning of the teacher.

On Monday evening, Darmanin said he had requested the mosque's close for six months in the suburb of Pantin, northeast of Paris.

Speaking on TF1 in French, Darmanin said the mosque chief "related the message that this instructor was to be intimidated" and said that the school's address was.

Darmanin said the government was examining about fifty associations accused of promoting hate speech and on Wednesday, the matter would be addressed at the Cabinet Meeting.

On Wednesday night, a national remembrance ceremony to pay homage to Paty will be conducted at the court of LaSorbonne University in the city of Paris, which, as the President has said, has always been a 'forum for expressions of thoughts and democracy,' is a sacred emblem of information and education and of the 'culture of illumination.'