Raids, arrests as German police probe Dresden jewelry theft

BERLIN (AP) — In Berlin more than 1,500 policemen were detained by two individuals in a mass action linked to the stunning stealing of jewels from a rare set dated from the eighteenth century, which took place in Dresden last November, authorities said Tuesday.

Police and Prosecutors in Dresden co-ordinated the operation, which investigated 25 Nov. 2019, a large diamond brooch, a diamond epaulet and other treasures from the Green Vault Museum of Saxony area.

A total of 18 seats, including ten houses, as well as garages and automobiles were surveyed by 1638 police officers from Saxony, Berlin and numerous other nations, along with federal special police forces.

Their aim was "art treasures and evidence such as computer storage, clothing and tools," said Police and prosecutors in Dresden.

They said that the emphasis was on the district of Neukoelln in Berlin.

On suspicion of organized theft and incense three men, known only as German civilians, were detained.

One of the oldest museums in the country is the Green Vault.

Created in 1723, the treasury of Augustus the Powerful, Sachsen, comprises some 4,000 gold, precious stones and other resources.

Shortly after the burglary, officials presented a reward of EUR 500,000 ($ 593,000) for the retrieval or the arrest of jewels.

The prosecution and police claimed in March that in August an Audi S6 was offered to an unreported customer utilizing fraud and then taking off in a Dresden workshop.

They claim they suspect that a young man from Magdeburg, another east German area, picked up the vehicle, was related to the breakdown and rendered a sketch of a dark-haired slow man, who was expected to be about 25 years of age.

Before the break-in, the vehicle may have been repainted, police said at the point, creating fears that it was intended to steal.

Investigators' analyzes, partially focused on video evidence, culminated in at least seven individuals being implicated.